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Moonshine is a highly alcoholic liquor produced in homemade stills. In ATF, it is referred to as "dew" in order to circumvent Roblox's chat filters. It is commonly labelled an illegal product since it cannot be taxed or regulated by a nation's government. The PRT, for example, has labelled Dew an illegal substance, with possession of the product being a relatively serious crime. In the American state of Northern Georgia, dew is legal to privately produce and consume in reasonable quantities so long as none of it is sold to others.


Moonshine is produced through a seemingly complex yet very simple homemade process. The following is a rough list of steps you must follow to create Moonshine. (NOTE: THIS IS NOT TO BE USED FOR ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES IN REAL LIFE. THIS IS TO HELP GUIDE PEOPLE WHO WISH TO RP AS DEW MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS. A REMINDER THAT IN THE REAL WORLD, THE UNLICENSED PRODUCTION OF MOONSHINE IS ILLEGAL IN THE UNITED STATES)

  1. Fermentation - To start, you must properly ferment sugars from plant material. To draw sugars from plant materials such as corn, you must convert the starches into sugars through a process which involves adding relatively large quantities of corn to several gallons of hot water (around 165 degrees farenheit) and stirring often. After the starches have been converted into sugars, add yeast, move the mixture between different containers several times (so as to add air to the whole thing), and seal the container shut with an air lock (preventing any air from getting in or out). After several weeks, the sugars will have fully fermented with a low alcoholic content. This is where the next step comes in.

    Homemade condenser. The input opening is at the top, for substances such as vapors to enter. The output opening is at the bottom, to pour liquids into a cup or container after the vapors have been converted into liquid

  2. Distillation - Using a homemade pot still (such as a modified tea kettle), and a homemade condenser (made out of curled copper with an input opening and an output opening), the fermented sugars must be distilled over heat produced from things such as regular stoves. Open fires are viable alternatives, yet discouraged due to the fact that alcohol vapors are flammable. It is important to have a thermometer to measure the temperature of the process at all times. Be sure to place a cup by the output opening of the condenser.
    1. Pour the fermented sugars into the still
    2. Heat up the solution of fermented sugars until it boils. The fermented sugars will contain two compounds - unusable methanol and the alcoholic ethanol. Methanol has a lower boiling point than water, and as such, will cause the solution to boil at around 148 degrees Fahrenheit.
    3. When the first compound in the fermented sugars, methanol, starts to boil, the vapors will travel into the condenser where they will then be converted back into liquids and fall into the container you have placed below the condenser output opening. Discard any liquids condensed into the container from the temperatures of 148-173 degrees Fahrenheit, as all the condensed liquid will be unusable methanol.
    4. Once the temperature of the solution reaches 173 degrees Fahrenheit, the methanol will have all been boiled up and discarded. 173 degrees Fahrenheit is the boiling point of ethanol, the substance which you will end up with as your final product. Like with the methanol, the vapors from the boiling substance will travel down the condenser and into the container. Make sure you do NOT discard any liquids past the temperature of 173 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise you will be throwing away perfectly good moonshine.
    5. Once finished with steps 1-4, your final product will have a much higher alcoholic content than the fermented sugars produced by step 1. If a higher alcoholic content is desired, run the final product through steps 1-4 again.


Moonshine has been banned in the PRT, the illegality of the substance heavily enforced by the Marshals service. Across the border, the Whitman Bay Sheriff's Department enforces US laws which prohibit the mass production and sale of moonshine. Due to the high level of crime in Southside and the discreet underground organizations in the North, smuggling and illegal sale of dew has become a big problem for both the United States and the People's Republic. The MEB, CDF, and USCPF are often forced to intervene in matters concerning dew smuggling. According to 102.9 FM Sunburned, people running dew often get shot on the spot. The Tidewater Brewers is a lorefaction dedicated to the illegal production and smuggling of dew in Southside.