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The Military Emergency Laser Loaded Handweapon or M.E.L.L.H for short, was a pre-war Laser pistol being tested at several sites across the United States. It's most basic purpose was to be a one-shot laser pistol that could be used by ejecting pilots and medics if necessary for self-defense. The weapon packed quite a punch as noted during it's testing.


The M.E.L.L.H is noted as being a large white colored metal structured pistol with a large handle for easy grip and a canister in the front of the weapon just under the end of the barrel. The weapon was prone to getting extremely hot after 3-4 shots being fired. The outside of the weapon was made of strong but expensive metal carefully put together. The plan was to redesign the pistol to be more cheaper especially in it's metal construction of which the government hoped to make sheet metal.


The Inner-Workings of the pistol are as follows. First of all the pistol was of course equipped with a safety which affected the trigger aswell as sending a hatch into the ending of the barrel to block a canister from being inserted. If a canister was already inserted as the safety was turned off it would be ejected thus allowing it to be caught and stored separately. Now as for the canister being right below the end of the barrel, it's energy would run to the back of the barrel then loop back around forcing itself out the front.


As a laser pistol, of course the weapon didn't use a caliber. The canister or it's magazine contained enough energy to create a stable laser blast. This blast was extremely hot and could char an entire body if given enough time. One hit to the head was immediate death in some cases with the enemy first being blinded by a flash as they then fell to the extreme pain of their skin burning.


The pistol might've seemed ready for mass-production after 5 months of testing, but this wasn't further from the truth. There was one big flaw to the pistol which was the energy left from the blast normally released after the pistol was fired. The energy had to go somewhere and if it was to be contained within the barrel it would essentially explode. Because of this, a loose pipe was attached to the pistol which the energy could travel through and release upwards thus fixing this large flaw. Sadly the pistol could not be mass produced as the Nuclear War started shortly after it was deemed fit for production. There are no surviving copies of the pistol and it has become somewhat of an urban legend within the wasteland.