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Miami is a Pre-War city in Florida, about 30 good miles from the Rockport area. It is also currently PRT controlled and sees frequent military patrols until the US Offensive in 2115 that liberated the Southern States from the MEB and PRT.

It is also called "The City of Bright Lights" and is known for its beaches.

The city saw a rise in the drug and Dew trade after The Atlanta Crisis, which brought illegal organizations to Miami.


Miami was hit hard when the ACMF invaded and The Flash destroyed the old USA. The city was deserted, seeing Mutant sightings every now and then, til the early 2040s. The USCPF began to appear in the area by the 2040s, and also began to cleanse Rockport of Mutants in the late 2040s. This allowed research camps to be set in the city and frequent supply shipments from the USCPF to be sent here.

In the late 2050s, after Dock Town was built by the CDF, the USCPF began to rebuild the great pre-war skyscrapers of Miami with scrap and metal. In the 2060s, the USCPF marked Miami to be watched by the USCPF forces exploring the areas by boat.

In the 2070s, after international trade was reformed, Great Britain began to supply the area with supplies to keep the city a live area. The USCPF also began to rebuild many buildings in Miami with stone and concrete, like they were doing with New Atlanta.

In the 2080s, the city reached a population of 15,000, growing by the days, and money began to supply the city with fresh new living spaces and business offices. The beach in Miami also began to be called "Little Hawaii" by local citizens and by USCPF troops. In the early 2090s, after the USCPF declared war on the CDF in the East, the area received less cargo to go to the troops, and saw a rise in the population.

During The Atlanta Crisis, a large, horrible battle happened between the USCPF and the PRT for control of the city. The colorful signs that had been restored fell to the armored infantry the PRT brought in, troops to back it up.

In the 2100s, the PRT took control of the city, and the population reached a good 2 million people populating the area. However, the drug and narcotics trade also flourished, which brought the crime rates in the city up faster than before. Drug busts happened daily, which was a thing civilians quickly got used to as weeks passed by. The Dew trade stayed lower than the growing trade in Georgia, however, and Miami became a cocaine kingpin

In 2115, the city is doing well, and has a population of 4 and a half million citizens, and 40,600 PRT soldiers in the area. During the war of 2115 between the USCPF and the PRTM supported by the MEB, Miami is liberated from the PRT and reclaimed by the US.