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Metallica is a band in ATF, which has been revived by Alexander Housted, and has released 4 tapes as of 2115.

Beginning (2112-2114) Metallica was founded by Alexander Housted & [zombieslicer33], who is now their bass player. In 2112, they began to buy equipment with money from the two's parents and began to write songs used on their debut, Kill 'Em All. They began to perform these songs in local areas in Southside and New Atlanta, which gave them a good reputation in Southside & Whitman Bay. They got free drinks for performing these songs, and also managed to stay in a room in the hotel down the street. Alexander also began to move his equipment into his hotel room, and used it as his personal studio for songs.

In 2113, Alexander began to buy Dew in Southside, and started to drink it in his studio and in New Atlanta. He was arrested a few times for carrying Dew from 2113 to 2115, and people often had to bail him out of county jail. Alexander also met the founder of a record label in New Atlanta, titled Sky Blade Records, who heard him and his bass player perform a few times. He began to give thought to signing him to the label, and as he heard more music, he considered it. Alexander continued to book gigs in Southside, W. Bay, and New Atlanta, often doing cover songs of other metal artists. In late 2113, Sky Blade Records gave him a good amount of money to record his debut album, and paid for any trouble he got into.

In 2114, the album was a major success in the New Atlanta area, and they began to book concerts in the city. In the summer of 2114, he did a live interview on Sun Burn, about his success and his future plans, and got a good reputation in Southside for the interview. He also bought new, better equipment, and while drinking in Southside, he met a fellow guitar player, and recruited him to be the backup guitarist of Metallica. They entered the studio again and recorded Garage Days, which held a few cover songs, a couple of them live. Many people began to credit Metallica for being the godfathers of heavy and thrash metal, and managed to have sold out gigs in the city.

In 2115, Metallica released another tape, which was a sneak peek at their new album, and sparked up many fans of the metal genre. After some time later, they released The Black Album, and got excellent feedback on the songs "Enter Sandman", "Sad But True", and "Nothing Else Matters". They also made a total of 16 USD from stores around the PRT states, and was the highest selling album of their career so far. Also this year, "No Remorse", a song off of their debut album, was covered by death metal band Cannibal Corpse & put on their album Eaten Back To Life.