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Here is a guide on how to cleanse the ATF servers of a man known as Mcskelebones, but who is actually a subhuman who spends their days jacking off to "sexy" trap furries and drawing roblox ATF porn in their basement every 2 hours for weeks on end. He has so much doritos on him that it makes the entire world suffer from the horrid smell of his existence, and it makes us all afraid of the coming years due to the fact that it will only make his existence even more of an issue for the entire planet. He is the sole reason that there is pollution in the world, and everything else is simply a minor cause of it.

This guide shall teach you about how you can help save the world and get rid of Mcskelebones once and for all. So jump in, take a back seat, and put on your hazmat suit - because it's about to get a bit messy.

Part One: Who is Mcskelebones and why do we fear him?

Mcskelebones, as stated in the introduction to this guide, is someone who jacks off to furries and causes the most pollution in the entire world. We fear him because his basement is puffing out enough pollution to kill us all in just a year, and the dorito dust is turning into sandstorms that cover half of the earth at a time. This is why everyone in the ATF servers is afraid of him, and why we are trying to apprehend and remove the tools that he uses to jack off and draw porn of the ATF game. This is why we are here and talking now.

So, in short - we have just established who this person is and why we are fearing him. This is the core reason that we have founded and begun this rebellion - to stop this man before he obliterates the lives of billions - and maybe even the future lives of trillions on end - maybe even infinite. This has also established why we need to apprehend and take away his tools, and why it is such a necessity to do this now before the end of the world comes for us all. If we do not take action, it may mean our doom is near. He is both a threat to the atmosphere and humanity as a whole - plus the planet's resources themselves. It may even mean that we can not repair the damage that has already been done to the planet by Mcskelebones.

Part Two: What You'll Need

In this section, I will explain what you will need to be able to take action against this Mcskelebones.

You will need access to all forms of weaponry, a sword, a hammer to bash in computers with, and any other similar weaponry. You can also wear a ballistic vest if you believe that there will be severe retaliation from Mcskelebones during your operation. You will be required to wear a hazmat suit and gas mask, lest you be consumed by the dorito dust and the smell and die in a painful and drawn-out death.

If you are taking a stealth approach with your operation to apprehend him, you are advised to bring a tranquilizer gun (not loaded with lethal bullets, we don't want him dead), a screwdriver, a flashlight, and night vision goggles. The last two can be changed out for the other, but you can also bring both. You are also advised to bring the default loadout, and maybe wear a darker color of hazmat suit to blend in until we apprehend him. Taser guns are also recommended, especially if you feel that there may be severe retaliation.

Part Three: Preparations

In this phase of the operation, you should try to tell as many people as possible about our objective and show them this guide. This will help them to understand and come to terms with what may be expected while we go on our operation to stop the flow of his ATF porn, detain him, and move him to a mental infirmary as fast as possible before it kills him, the atmosphere, the planet, and all of humanity that may ever exist. For all we know, it may even cause the death of reality and the universe as we know it.

You are advised to not alert Mcskelebones himself, as this may cause him to become enraged and begin to attack our Roblox profiles. Should this happen, you are advised to make alternate accounts and move all your valuable items to that account immediately - and do this as fast as possible. Should Roblox banhammer your former main account, you can attempt to appeal and explain what is happening to them.

Should any of your team members also come into contact with the furry or ATF porn during this stage, you are advised to kill them immediately - regardless of how much respect you have for them (or potentially vice versa). This is required if you want to spare the lives of both yourself and the other team members.

Make sure that you have completely planned your operation and have all the needed equipment before you move on to the next stage - the operation itself.

Part Four: Active Operations

When you have finished the previous stage and are completely sure that you want to move on, it is advised that you go ahead and contact all of your other team members and explain to them what will happen. This will help them operate better and raise the chances of the operation on Mcskelebones to be an outstanding victory - for you, hopefully.

When you enter the dungeon, make sure that you are ready for any sort of combat against the mutated slaves of his. They may attempt to infect you or force you to inhale the dorito dust, which will also infect you if you don't manage to cover any breathing mechanisms in your body. Should a mutant approach you, the easiest way to get rid of them is either by firing into their head, chopping or severing their legs, or using a tranquilizer rifle (especially if you are going for the stealth route).

Keep moving through the dungeon until you reach the Porn Art hallway. When you enter this room, activate your Anti-Cringe gear and move through the area. It will likely be illuminated, and Mcskelebones may also be in the hallway to look at and jack off to his ATF porn. If he is in the hallway, you can either sneak past him to prepare an ambush or tranquilize and detain him as soon as you come into contact with him. Should either fail, leave the area immediately - it is likely that he may kill you quickly or infect you if you don't leave.

When you manage to ambush or sneak up behind him, tranquilize and detain him. If he resists use another tranquilizer or shoot him in order to handicap him. Once you do this, call the police and let them take him to the nearest mental hospital.

(Quick note, A special forces team is used when they are found, those who are in it are only two men, which are the best at what they do. Lachieg06 and Frankenpiggy.)

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading this guide and hopefully spreading it with your fellow ATF members!