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In the nuclear summer of 2052, a sergeant was discharged from the USCPF.

That sergeant went to found Maverick's Claw, a mercenary faction, five months later in a small roadside bar in California. As the group traveled and took jobs, they gained more 'soldiers of fortune,' and as their member count grew, so did their wealth. The Maverick's Claw continued to take odd jobs around the state, eventually migrating to Reno later that year, and then south into Las Vegas by the autumn of 2053.

By 2054, Maverick’s Claw had grown to see suitable numbers and a small post-flash ‘fortune.’ Losing their name rapidly in Vegas after botched jobs, however, caused them to continue moving further south in hopes of finding decent business. Finally, after weeks of travel, the current Maverick’s Claw has settled in Craterview looking for fresh work and hopefully a renewed name.

In 2056, the Maverick's Claw faced instability within its ranks, causing a shootout in Craterview which resulted in the faction being banned from the town by the SLF.

After the USCPF cut ties with the MC, the faction is now considered "dead," though attempts at reconstruction have been made.

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