They are Brazilian heroes that somehow exist due to their perseverance. They overcome the corrupt USCPF soldiers when they attack them. And they are a great asset to the PRT.  They adopted DECorp's technology and used it responsibly and effectively to combat their enemies. They attempted to destroy Fort Shad because it was a military asset to the United States, who betrayed its people. The MEB incapacitated a ship owned and operated by the USCPF, which has effectively displayed the MEB's strength and power. The MEB has also heavily guarded Southside with divisions of tanks to defend and protect the people of Southside. In 2116,the USCPF bombarded Southside with squadrons of bombers in an attempt to weaken and demoralize the people of Southside and the MEB. Many people of the PRT died there and MEB were recognized for their bravery when many soldiers sacrificed themselves by assaulting the USCPF's border. Overall, the MEB are a worthy adversary of the United States Civil Preservation Force.