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The Lake Mead Nuclear Power Plant, also known as Lake Mead Nuclear was a 2 unit nuclear power plant located in Mohave County, near Boulder Cove, Arizona, in the western United States and was a subsidy of the Arizona Public Services.


Not much is known about the history of Lake Mead Nuclear, but after the Flash occurred in 2032, Lake Mead Nuclear suffered a hit by the nuclear blast, which due to its close proximity, the facility's upper levels were completely destroyed. One of its two cores were covered with rubble and rendered harmless, however the second core’s cooling systems were destroyed, and a second blast occurred a few hours later due to steam overload. The core melted down into the basement, and will now cause fatal doses of radiation poisoning if one were to get within a few meters of it.

The Biomass

As of January 11, 2056, The Biomass inside Lake Mead Nuclear began expanding throughout the lower lairs of the facility and out the left destroyed unit, causing a spike in mutant activity and population.