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The emblem used by Jaiystope, commonly see on clothing

Jaiyst's Word are a group of religious monks and disciples that follow the religion of Jaiystope, with the goal of adopting new followers and spreading their faiths teachings onto other wastelanders.

The origins of the group and its religion can be traced back to the years of the unforgivable nuclear winter, where dread was in no short supply. Many were desperate for hope, only for whispers of the salvation to echo through the tunnels of many underground settlements (see page 2). This promise was appealing to many unfortunate survivors.

Jaiystope would gain more and more followers as time would pass and eventually a church would be established short of the Sierra Nevada in the late years of the 2040’s. This church served as a holy site and headquarters of Jaiyst's

A Jaiystope follower wearing a large load-bearing vest

Word and would attract many wastelanders seeking a better life.

After much discussion and meditation from the Church’s hierarchy it was decided that small chapters would be sent both east and west to act as missionaries to spread Jaiystope to alleviate much of the wasteland’s suffering.  The journey would be long but in 2055 one chapter referred to as “The Second Chapter of Jaiyst” had made their presence known to those in Lake Mead, Arizona with goals of spreading their religion at the forefront of their priorities.


Jaiystope (pronounced Jai Stope) as a religion and belief system is very similar to Christianity and Buddhism. It was formed in the tunnels of an underground settlement in Nevada by a group of 4 humanitarian aid workers with the idea that it would improve that morale and productivity of the settlement’s residents: which it did. This information however was lost and forgotten over the years and the founders of the religion are often regarded as deities. These 4 deities are named after the 4 main principles of Jaiystope: Resilience, Justice, Courage and Truth.

In addition to these principles there exists 8 dictations that followers are expected to obey.

  1. Accept the teachings of Jaiyst’s into both heart and mind
  2. Pursue that which is necessary, not what is convenient
  3. Speak words of truth and not those of lies
  4. Address the suffering in life and accept it
  5. Adopt responsibility
  6. Appear confident not hesitant
  7. Listen with a closed mouth not with a closed fist
  8. Work hard rather than show sloth

At times these dictations are often subjected to different interpretations, however nonetheless are still followed.

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