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Jack Camacho is currently deceased

Jack Camacho is the leader of the Reds, an organization with a goal to Liberate South States of United States from the puppet of MEB, the People's Republic of Tidewater.


Jack Camacho is relatively unknown, at the moment only being known by radio broadcasts throughout Georgia. He is also played by ChadTheCreator, the founder of after the flash. Camacho's father was killed during the Atlanta Crisis.

As revealed by Chad, Camacho is a Hispanic male with messy blonde hair and is often seen wearing a bandana to hide his identity.

The Reds

During the Atlanta Crisis, an organization known as the Reds formed, It was organized by Pro-US,CDF who were hunted down and killed by the MEB and a rebellious sect of the CDF, Because of this they fled into hiding, only coming out years later to combat the MEB and CDF and its puppet state, the People's Republic of Tidewater .

Southside's Liberation

In addition to being the leader of The Reds, Jack Camacho was the one who set the stage for the riot and ultimately life-changing reveal in Southside and New Atlanta. During a News Broadcast in Late June, Jack and some reds stormed the News Center and forced the Newscaster at gunpoint to reveal he was reading a script written by the MEB, and that the PRT is a puppet government created by the MEB in order to take over the US and trick the Southern Residents into believing the US was the enemy. Jack Camacho then revealed himself to be there with the man, before ending the newscast. This sparked the Riot in Southside and New Atlanta, and Ultimately led to the PRT Military's downfall in Half moon.

Stand on Southside

In the late battle of Halfmoon River, PRT rebels with old yellow CDF armband joined with Jack’s Reds and fought the Pro-Meb PRT-M soldiers. When the PRT-M soldiers retreated from the town, the US military entered Southside and Jack agreed to turn-in the town to the US and occupied the surrounding area of Southside.

After the war

When the full unification of America came in for Southern States of the PRT, Jack began to retire and head for Reno, Nevada. There he won the election for the Mayor of Reno, his ideals of the CDF reminded him decades ago. He was married and had two children years later, he passed away in his 70’s survived by his children.