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It was used to be a friendly and peaceful land, it was until the PRT-M and the MEB invasion where they took South of the Region and its farms. The US controlled North of the Region, the population in the South fled South from Crime, Poverty, and Corruption. All of the Suburb houses were abandoned, crime rate risen, and the town itself was overseen by the puppet state: The Peoples' Republic of Tidewater. While in the North it was overseen by the United States, people were free and safe from crime and corruption from the South.

Life in Halfmoon Region

It was common and uncommon to see Military Convoys on the roads and the gunfire was very common on the bridge and on grounds. In south, people were mind controlled by the PRT and MEB because of the Anti-US propaganda. Southside becomes a sad shell from its former self, creating a despair, poverty, and corruption. In North of the Region, it was better in the town, but outside of the town was some pre-war ruins and farms. Gas station was used for bypassing car except for the PRT citizens, artillery and explosion were rare during the battle. In Southside was in ruins while Whitman Bay was in good conditions, but with poor people in the Trailer park. People were killed everyday until US Army in Southside arrived after the stand in Southside.

After the Battle of Halfmoon Region

The Reds handover Southside to the US to protect the town and captured the fort after the PRT Commanding Officer surrendered to them. The south of the Halfmoon Region was liberated from the PRT, but the town was in ruins. Meanwhile during the MEB and PRT-M retreat, they looked back on the region before they entered the Tunnels. About a hundreds of people died during the fight including soldiers of the US, MEB, PRT, Reds, DEcorps, Seals, and B3. Civilian Casualties were usually Southside residents, the sunk ship: Windfall remains in the ocean with its deceased crew, crime rate decreases, and the re-construction of Whitman and Southside begins in late 2110's and early 2120's. For 19 years after the Battle of Halfmoon, the PRT was soon annexed and liberated by the US Army, Reds, RCO, and other Anti-MEBs. Buildings begins to slowly rise in 2120's and creating small public school and a recreated Restaurant named "Crow and the Gasmask" owned by Ex-Red. The region was soon becomes a better land filled with happiness and satisfaction, the final conflict begins to fade in history.