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The banks logo.

The "Halfmoon Bank & Trust" is a bank operating out of Southside, Chatam County, Georgia in 2115.

Rumor is, Halfmoon bank was made out of mercenaries who disliked the fact that they couldn't store there money, so they created a bank. The rumor also says they allowed criminals to place there cash in said bank.

It is currently owned by Jeffery Fitzgerald

  • Lore: No copies of it right now, sorry!
  • Equipment

Security: WASP or M1911 Sidearm, Rubber Baton, and Handcuffs. Keys to the entrance.

Janitor: The basic needs, Broom, Water Bucket, etc. Key to the 'Wooden Door'.

All HR's: HR's may choose any sidearm. No more. Key's to everything.

A Security guard at the bank.

A janitor at the bank.

Owners and the Owner's manager: Anything that's not illegal. Keys to everything.


  • Jeffery Fitzgerald's office.


ll LR ranks can be achieved just by speaking to a Manager, or Head Manager.

To become part of the SEC team, get some training from the SEC chief. If they're unavailable or unable to answer any question or concern, contact an Owner.

To become an HR you'll be tested by an Owner, and an Owner only to see your ability. Don't come up to an Owner and say that someone recommended you for the position you're asking for, even if 'someone' is a Co-Owner.

That's all. It's very basic.

  • Layout

The front of the bank.

The first floor.

Entrance: The front of the bank is basic, with handle locks on both doors.

The first floor: The first floor has two offices, a tellers desk, and a vault room.

The Vault: The vault is a room with a vault, not much to be said.

The vault door, open.

The vault door, closed.

The second floor.

The Second Floor: The second floor is the top floor of the bank, with Fitzgeralds office and four other offices for workers.

Jeffery's office: A basic office with Jeffery's very own computer.

The rooftop.

The Roof: The roof is accessed by a ladder, and consists of 18 solar panels.

(Note: Robbing the bank requires LPM approval, no exceptions.)