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The Georgia State Police were the state wide police force that were responsible for law enforcement in and around Chatham County and the state of Georgia. The State Police was establish in 2101 to maintain law and order as well as stem the tide of criminal activity coming in from the People's Republic of Tidewater (PRT). With this task in mind, the Public Safety unit was formed to combat criminal elements from the PRT affecting U.S. border towns, with the 3rd Troop of the public Safety unit being deployed to the Halfmoon Region specifically due to the PRT's presence. The Public Safety unit stood out from other divisions of the GSP as they were given the power to enact marital law. Though by the time of 2115 the State Police had seen a drop in the budget, they proved to still be an effective police force and were often seen assisting military personnel outside the DMZ at the US border.

The Georgia State Police were introduced near to the end of the Deep Six story and were stated in the games ending to have remained in the Halfmoon area after the events of the game to maintain law and order.



Originally, the GSP uniform consisted of a purple/pink duty shirt and pants with a white stripe down the sides, but was later changed to a green a black duty shirt with black combat pants. Troopers were also issued with a black or brown duty belt and a campaign hat.

Later, GSP ''Constables'' were issued with surplus USCPF BDUs, camo pants and rigging.


GSP Troopers were given a choice of weaponry to use while on duty. These included:

  • Baton
  • Maxwell (Pistol)
  • PM8 (Pistol)
  • Colt M2073 (Revolver)
  • Dracia (Shotgun)
  • Henry Rifle (Rifle)

SRT Agents were issued with more military grade equipment, such as;

  • PM8 (Pistol)
  • Armalite AR-10
  • H&K MP95

Special Response Team (SRT):

The Special Response Team (SRT) was the GSP's version of a S.W.A.T. unit. SRT were called to situations that regular Troopers were not equipped or trained to deal with, such as hostage situations, active shooters and terrorist threats. Their uniform consisted of a two toned black and green BDU shirt, black pants, tactical vest and PASGT helmet.


Despite proving effective in providing security at the US - PRT border, the GSP was later prohibited from operating at the border entrance to the US after a review from the USCPF was conducted, deeming them ineffective in the role due to the threat posed by the PRT.

The GSP was also later changed to become the ''USCPF Constabulary'' but retained the State Police title in an unofficial capacity. Their equipment was changed from standardized law enforcement gear to hand-me-down USCPF surplus.