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GSP Lore (Updated)


When the Atlanta Crisis occured in 2096, a large amount of land was dissociated from the USA and soon became the People’s Republic of Tidewater. With this incident, the state of Georgia was split in half. Savannah and the Southern part of the state became a US population center, while New Atlanta and the North-Western portion transitioned into a Tidewaterite population center. With the state divided, and a civil war on its hands, its Governor passed legislation to created the first statewide law enforcement since before the Flash.

The purpose of the new Georgia State Police was just as any pre-Flash police force: to maintain law and order. However, with the state of Tidewater looming so close and brief skirmishes breaking out along the border, the GSP was given an additional job: to keep the peace in border towns and prevent criminal filth from the PRT migrating in. To respond to this additional role, the Public Safety Unit was formed in 2101. Out of all the divisions of the Georgia State Police, the Public Safety Unit was the only one given permission to enact martial law within their jurisdiction.

Today, in 2115, not many changes have been made to the Georgia State Police besides budget cuts to allocate more funds for US Military garrisons. Despite these small setbacks, the GSP has been operating strong, oftentimes seen working side-by-side with soldiers along the border. The 3rd Troop of the Public Safety Unit, which compromises Chatham and Effingham counties, is one of the better funded Troops. Because of the proximity they have to a DMZ, they are better trained and more well-equipped than their fellow officers in other Northbound counties. Since the formation of their Troop, they have helped keep the peace by stopping smugglers from the South, ensuring safety of civilians during shellings, preventing the outbreak of violence in towns, and bringing criminal war-profiteers to justice.

== GSP Roles


The Georgia State Police uses a hybrid rank-role system. Roles are the labeled role-sets in group and Discord. This is what your character’s job will be. Ranks, on the other hand, are chosen by you. As the player, you get to decide what rank your character would be as their role. As with anything, however, this should be used in strict moderation as we don’t want every single person being a Technical Sergeant. Below, you’ll find the name of the role, followed by a description of its job. Additionally, all the ranks available to you in that role will be listed as well. The rolesets will be color-coded based on their OOC hierarchy: Low Rank (LR), Special Rank (SR), High Rank (HR), and Council Rank (CR). If there are any additional questions on this guide, direct them to Leo.

[LR] Trooper: The first and most basic rank of the Georgia State Police. These men and women are fresh cadets from out of training. They have been sworn into the force, and are there to help in whatever way possible. While not trained to do any specific job yet, they make up the backbone of the Public Safety Unit’s 3rd Troop.

**Able to roleplay as the rank of Trooper.

[SR] Officer: A role designated to uphold laws with direct action. Officers are oftentimes seen patrolling Northside and Whitman, ensuring the remaining citizens of these derelict areas are safe, and obeying the laws. Most of the time, they can be found at the town checkpoint processing traffic, checking drivers’ passports, and stopping smugglers coming in from the South. Working customs at the USA-PRT border is another viable role of the Officer, albeit quite rarely.

**Able to roleplay as the one of the following ranks: Corporal, Sergeant, Technical Sergeant, First Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Chief Technical Sergeant.

[SR] Investigator: A licensed detective of the 3rd Troop. People within this role are responsible for investigating the crimes committed throughout the county, sometimes chasing a lead from another town all the way into Whitman. The United States during the Second Civil War has often been described as the “wild west”, with perpetrators of violent crime finding themselves dead at the hands of the law. The police, while trying to prevent more bloodshed, may not have time to investigate the details of crimes like battery, assault, manslaughter, and murder. Instead, the perpetrator or even the victim may be outright killed by the police under assumption of guilt. This is where the investigators come in; to find the truth and fact behind crime. **Able to roleplay as the one of the following ranks: Corporal, Sergeant, Technical Sergeant, First Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Chief Technical Sergeant.

[SR] Dispatch: Being experts of communication, the people working in Dispatch have a simple job. Their role is to ensure proper communication between all members of the 3rd Troop. In addition to relaying directions and controlling police communication, the members of the Public Safety Unit Dispatch are able to use their technical skill in various separate ways. They can listen into a criminal organization’s radio communication, set up jammers to be used against certain groups, and decrypt coded frequencies. When not needed for the above tasks, members of Dispatch could be found helping Officers with basic, unspecialized jobs.

**Able to roleplay as the one of the following ranks: Corporal, Sergeant, Technical Sergeant, First Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Chief Technical Sergeant.

[SR] Special Response Team (SRT) Agent: The most advanced role of the GSP’s Public Safety Unit. In order to be put into this role, members would have to pass intense physical and mental training, drug testing, and a single-scope background investigation. Despite the role being highly selective, those fit to join it would be in high-demand along the war-torn Georgian border. Within the role of SRT, are two subroles: Crisis Negotiator and Tactical Operator. Besides working in a life-or-death crisis, they could be found performing search and rescue, car accident vehicle retrieval, and fire extinguishing.

Crisis Negotiators are exactly what they sound like. They’re responsible for cooling down situations where the lives of one or many may be at risk. People within this role are smooth talkers, using a mix of persuasive speech and charisma to protect the assets at hand. Sometimes, this role alone, is able to completely disarm a potentially dangerous case.

Tactical Operators are specialized agents of a Special Response Team called into critical incidents to solve them through force. They are extensively trained in close-quarters-combat and equipped with the most recent military technology available. Other than hostage situations, Tactical Operators could also be the main response to a riot or attack from the PRT.

**Able to roleplay as the one of the following ranks: Corporal, Sergeant, Technical Sergeant, First Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Chief Technical Sergeant.

[HR] Staff Inspector: The primary administrative role of the Georgia State Police. People within this role are commissioned officers who’re responsible for keeping staff efficient and preventing corruption. (Because it’s considered an HR oocly, their orders would trump those of an SR. They’re able to takeover roleplays if needed).

**Able to roleplay as one of the following ranks: Technical Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain, Major.

[C] Troop Commander: There are three Troop Commanders of the 3rd Troop of the Public Safety Unit. This role is responsible for heading all activities in the Troop. Additionally, they are the only ones with a direct line of contact to the Superintendent.

**Able to roleplay as one of the following ranks: Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel.

[C] Superintendent: The standing leader of the Georgia State Police. Above him is the Governor of the state.

**Would never be seen in-game because of his importance in the organization, and the fact that Deep Six takes place in a warzone. However, if a special event were to occur, his rank is that of Colonel.