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Fort Viridian during the day time.

Fort Viridian is a former US Military Base that now serves as the Headquarters of the Southwest Libertarian Front.


This fort is the home of the SLF. It has working lights, and a few of the showers, sinks, and toilets in the fort work due to the self-contained water pump. Fort Viridian has a medical room, a lounge, a barracks, an underground bunker, and many supplies and barricades. It survived the blast but lost plumbing to its upper two floors, as well as the kitchen, recreation room, and a portion of the meeting hall and cafeteria. The US Air Force nuclear silo field behind the fort is mostly spent, however it’s rumored that one unlaunched ICBM still sits in a silo. It’s believed that the nuke that hit the valley was targeting Fort Viridian.