Fort Shad (Deep Six Timeline)

Fort Shad was built right next to the river during or after the war of the 2090's, it was a base under occupied by RCO and USCPF. The base has armored and non-armored vehicles such as the M98 Tank, the M2031 Eisenhower, and the M750 Truck. There were three artillery gun howitzers pointing at Southside and the Fort Wilmington which is under occupied by PRT and MEB. In June 21st 2115, the "Loud Bang" came from the Forest and the single shell fall into the bunkers(?) or the HR rooms(?). The US Artilleries opened fire at the Southside as they didn't know where the shell come from, the MEB/PRTM respond to this attack by returning fire with their anti-air howitzer. When the artillery exchange was over, people in Southside began to blame the US military and the US soldiers accepted the blame. In July 5th, USCPF vehicles such as M2031 APCs and M750 Trucks prepared to pack up and head to Whitman Bay where there's a artillery gun on the cargo ship by the docks owned by RCO.

In July 8th, the PRT and MEB military bombarded the Fort with artillery guns that forced the Captain of the Fort to retreat from the fort due to ineffective use because of the destruction.

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