Southside Bombing

On July 4th, the citizens of Southside were awoken out of their beds by the sound of a large plane flying over the area. A US Air Force bomber proceeded to drop bombs along the Southside area. The first target hit was the post office, completely obliterating the structure, and causing fire to light up the dark southside streets. As PRTM Anti-Aircraft troops scrambled to take down the US bomber, it flew over the pharmacy, the pharmacy having a similar fate to the post office. Panic was in the streets as terrified citizens ran amok while TIFEPOL tried to contain the chaos. As the bomber went in for another bombing run, the target presumed to be the Justice Department. PRT-M Anti-Aircraft fire managed to shoot down the bomber, it crashing into the Southside farm's plains. MEB forces were quick to contain the event, and prevented anybody to go near the crashed bomber.

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