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This is a list of all the equipment of the USCPF in every After The Flash game.

The official guide(including weapons from other games) can be found here.

USCPF Equipment

Weapons of the USCPF(ATF:D6)

  • TSR Family - or the "Tactical Service Rifle" was originally made before the third world war to replace the M4 series weapons, but had seen long use under many different weapons. The amounts of these weapons were produced in the millions - this being the main reason why it's still found today, still being reliable, albeit being slowly phased out by the SCR and Levi. Here are examples of the TSR family weapons.
    • TSR-31 - One of the two main variants, being a rifle - still being used in Deep Six.
    • TSR-29 - TSR-29- A carbine chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, the second of the two main variants. Despite it has been phased out in the 2090s, the USCPF have bought many of these rifle back due to the Atlanta Crisis. It is also used in Deep Six as well.
    • TSR DMR -
    • TSR LSW -
  • SCR-95 -or "Standard Combat Rifle" is a weapon made to replace the TSR in 2095, chambered with 5.56x45mm being able to fire in automatic, burst or semi-automatic, and commonly used in long-medium close range distances. The SCR is usually seen by squad leaders, due to their expensive design with new materials and design features, meaning it wasn't as mass produced as the Levi. This also means its usually only seen by eastern USCPF, due to how well militarized they are. (Found in Deep Six)
  • Levi-3- The standard infantry weapon of the USCPF, claimed to be one of the best performing weapons in the world with a battle proof design. It was created in the 2090s for similar use to that of the SCR, to replace the aging TSR series. (Found in Rain and Deep Six)
  • Sea Falcon- An .44 Magnum that is used in Late WW3 by elite Marine units. It is very powerful and is still used in the Eastern Front
  • Chimera- A lightweight sniper rifle that is used by USCPF snipers. It can be quickly deployed due to its center of gravity in the middle of the gun. The weapon can also be easily cleaned in the battlefield.
  • Reiner- A belt-fed LMG with a large magazine that's is capable serving as a general purpose machine gun.
  • Maverick- A 12 gauge automatic shotgun with a large drum magazine, it can also shoot shells like slugs.
  • XSR-6- A bolt-action sniper rifle that is used by USCPFMC(Marines) snipers.
  • Maxwell- A 9mm pistol that is used by the USCPF
  • Mendel- A .45 ACP Sidearm that is commonly used by Early and Mid Post-War USCPF Forces.
  • Shockbreach- A fairly rare taser seen in the hands of USCPF.

Uniform of the USCPF by Game

  • After The Flash..:
  • After The Flash: Sandstorm:
  • After The Flash: Rain:
  • After The Flash: Deep Six: The USCPF soldiers wears a green combat uniform, usually made from chemically handled weatherproof material, usually with hard black gloves that can at time, fracture bones.
  • After The Flash: Deep Winter: The USCPF soldiers in Deep Winter wear a black combat shirt and pants, but can also be seen wearing a white parka over this.
  • After The Flash: Mirage: In Mirage, The USCPF soldier can be seen wearing a cookie camouflage shirt and pants, commonly worn with a bullet-proof vest over it. The shirt and pants are heat resistant and tough.

Personal Equipment

  • A USCPF soldier has a military grade backpack, along with rifleman’s webbing. They can also have a helmet with googles, and an interchangeable gas mask.
  • A USCPF soldier may also have a tan boonie with goggles.
  • Another variation if the webbing comes with a radio pack instead of the backpack.
  • USCPF soldiers in Deep Six have a military rig, sometimes a bullet proof vest.
  • USCPF soldiers in Deep Six have green uniforms and helmets.
  • Deep Six soldiers occasionally have a Grey Scarf Covering their mouth and nose.
  • Soldiers are often given Military Grade Goggles in Deep Six.



  • M98 McCormmick

M98 McCormmick.png

Armor: Cast homogeneous steel, front upper hull - 3.67", front lower hull - 5.63", hull sides - 2.9" to 1.41", floor hull - 0.75" - Crew size: 4 (Commander in turret right rear, gunner in turret right front, loader in turret left rear, driver in hull center front) - Weight: 102,000 lbs - Armament: 105mm Tank Gun (HEAT, HE, and AP rounds, total of 60 shells), .30 cal M2095A2 (5900 rounds)

  • Max speed: 30 mph


The M98 McCormmick became the main battle tank of the USCPF following the start of the second American Civil war. The tank was designed after late 2050s and early 2060s US tanks for their rather cheap and reliable designs, making them easy for the US to mass produce during the war.

M2031 Eisenhower

Armor: High hard steel structure - Crew size: 9 total (2 drivers, 7 passengers) -Weight: 28,400lbs - Armament: Standard variant - no armament | Anti-tank variant - Twin TOW missile launcher (12 rockets) - Max speed: 60 mph

M2023 Eisenhower.png

  • Background:

The M2031 is the last LAV-3 model made before the flash occurred, this pre-flash design is still produced by the US today and remains an effective combat tool in the war against the PRT and Brazil.

Ground Vehicles


RG-33 MRAP.png

  • Crew size: 13 (1 driver, up to 12 passengers)
  • Weight: 28,000  lbs
  • Armament: .50 cal machine gun
  • Max speed: 65 mph


  • The MRAP is a pre-flash US Military vehicle that proved itself to be an excellent tool for the USCPF in traveling the wastelands. The RG-33 was undergoing replacement but the Atlanta crisis had occurred before this happened, causing the MRAP to be put back on the production line and made one of the main ground vehicles of the USCPF.


Crew size: 14 (1 driver, up to 14 passengers)


  • Weight: 7,617  lbs
  • Armament: None
  • Max speed: 58 mph


  • The M750 is a cargo truck used by both the USA and PRT. The cargo truck was developed before the Atlanta Crisis to help transport supplies from the industrial midwest to the southern US military outposts. The truck is mass produced and used as a cargo and troop transport vehicle.

Air Vehicles


  • Crew size: 0 (Drone)
  • Weight: 1,591 lbs
  • Armament: .50 cal chaingun, 2 rocket pods (Hydra rockets)
  • Max speed: 175 mph



The Unmanned Attack Rotorjet 2023 is a drone made just a few months after the UR-22 was put into service. The idea behind the drone was to eliminate the need for attack aircraft pilots so other roles could be filled. The drone has become the main light air support aircraft for USCPF and an excellent tool for recon operations.


  • Crew size: 14 total (2 pilots, 12 passengers)
  • Weight: 33,140 lbs
  • Armament: 30mm Chaingun
  • Max speed: 351 mph


  • The Utility Rotorjet 2022 is the most iconic vehicle used by the USCPF. The vehicle was put into service in 2022 and has remained in production ever since. The UR-22 is mainly used for troop and supply transport, however the UR-22 can be used for small strafing runs on enemy targets.