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In the ending of the summer of 2115, the battle of Halfmoon River was over. The Reds and PRT rebels prevailed the Pro-MEB PRT-M armies long enough when the US, DEcorps, and RCO armies arrived just in time after repairing the bridge, making a way for a staging invasion of Peoples' Republic of Tidewater. After the destruction of the Railgun Tank and failed assault of Southside, MEB and PRT-M troops fled to the tunnels leading to South, when they look back at Halfmoon one more time and entered deeper south. When the PRT-M Officer in Fort Wilmington sent a courier for a surrender, the US agreed and the US troops were sent to take them away. The Battle of Halfmoon is over, but the Third Civil War still continues on. The collapse of the Socialist Tidewater, United States of America's survival, Brazil's defeat somewhere south, and the unification of America will be possible in the future. Meanwhile in New Atlanta, the riot was still on-going. The vehicles that are used by PRT and MEB was now in the US hands for checkpoints and forts.

Mottos of the belligerents:

"God Bless America." -U.S Soldier. USA:Victorious

"Gloriam Americae!" -Red Freedom Fighter. Reds:Victorious

"God Save the Queen!" -British Soldier. RCO:Victorious

"Viva La EXÉRCITO" -Brazil Soldier. MEB:Defeated

"By civilians, for civilians." -PRT-M / CDF Soldiers. CDF/PRT:Defeated

Documents for the end of it:


After the war, with the PRT was fully defeated, the southern states of America re-claimed, New Atlanta liberated, and the Threat of the MEB out of the way. The US began to reclaim the lands from Eastern wasteland to Californian Pacific, the war between the MEB and the Allies was on-going in South America after the year late 2110's. The Reds were disbanded in the year 2120's or 30's after the third war, the former members go their separate ways. They went to different states and countries: California, West Virginia, Florida, and other nations like Venezuela and UEBC's territories. For the PRT and the MEB soldiers, they were gone after the war because of their loyalty to the MEB and puppet master ways, but they were not forgotten by the people of the Whole Continent of America. Part of Former Mexico which was used to be PRT was annexed by United States of America as a buffer zone. The South part of Canada which is distributed to the US was returned to the Canadian Government. With the defeat of the PRT and MEB forcing themselves to retreat, the West CDF was eliminated during or after the Third Civil War causing the rest of the CDF to re-admit to the union. The Reds were almost or completely forgotten, but some people do remember the Reds who are now changed to civilian lives. In Europe, the on-going battle and restoration was harsh. In the 2120's, the US-Brazil War ends and in 2130's after a long hostility, both sides make amends.