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Dwellers Lore (Mirage)


The year is 2026. Warfare has erupted across the globe, between the two most powerful military alliances in the world. The newly formed ACMF and the long standing NATO are going head to head. Civil unrest engulfed countries like the United States, France, Russia, China, Japan, and other involved nations. The conflict had negative effects on those who wished for a peaceful life, but many who were seen as less law-friendly folks seized opportunity by the balls. The underground market was thriving in cities like Rockport, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Sacramento, and other major cities across the country. One such group was based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The group thrived off drug addicts and gun violence, lucky for them that cities like Las Vegas weren't exactly home to the best of people. The criminal syndicate was formed by drug runners Austin Hatsack and Reggie Jackson. They were well known to those in the Las Vegas Strip. Through time and hard work the two found themselves in a situation where they could either take their winnings, or bet double or nothing. It’s obvious which choice they took when they began to establish a criminal hierarchy. Around 2030, two years before all would cease movement, the band of criminals are thriving. They had no official name for their group, and were tightly packed together. They began to appear on the radar of the local police forces. This was something they had minor experience with, but never on this scale. Their safe houses were compromised, and their members killed. The syndicate attempted to hold their own, until a final blown was dealt. No, it was not the Police who dealt this hit. It was the nuclear arsenal of the Asian Continental Military Force. Nuclear sirens filled the air on the morning of November 2nd, 2032. The President had been reading to a classroom of school children that day. President Jacob McCormick had insisted that he stay and read for the children, even during this crisis. People filled the streets. Riots began across the globe as everything humanity had worked up to was wiped out in what some called...a flash. A group of 15 men, remnants of an old society, hunkered down in an abandoned sewer system. One of their safe houses had been located underground in an old drainage system below the Las Vegas Strip. As time passed, they found that what they had in their safehouse was not all they needed to sustain themselves. Drugs and firearms would not substitute for food, so they did what they did best. They made business. The locals left over after the flash occured referred to them as ‘The Dwellers’ because of their choice of residency. In times of crisis, some men will step up above the others and lead the rest to safety. In place of Austin and Reggie, a man bearing the name Carson Carpenter stood up. He began to coordinate the men and women left over from a relic. Scavenges became a common thing, and society began to thrive within the dwellers. Outsiders were recruited into their ranks. The time soon came when trouble arose. After numerous attacks by Angry Scavengers, Raiders, and Mutants had whittled them down slowly, there was a split between the group. Some wished to lead a revolt against the leadership, and were tired of being picked on by other factions. They wished to take up arms and become bandits themselves. A civil strife filled the air, as Carson and his circle of ‘Ring Leaders’ tried to close the gap between their people. Soon enough, conflict broke out. The first shot was fired by what the dwellers referred to as ‘The Banditeers’. After a long conflict, the revolting party nearly wiped out Carson and his followers. The remnants of the trading group once known as The Dwellers became nomadic. Carson decided to keep the name the locals had given them as a symbol of pride for himself, and his followers. Carson lead his people outside of the city, hoping to avoid any unrequired trouble. When Carson left the Las Vegas Strip in 2053 he was 31 years old, and still kicking. He had a map with a marking on it. That marking was the closest, non urban, landmark. Lake Mead. It’s a hot day in the desert, as The Dwellers pass through a dimly lit tunnel. Their group has slightly expanded some since their journeys’ start. They bring with them tales of the past and goods for sale. This is where their new chapter begins.

Dwellers Lore (Deep Winter)

Hickory Reeves and brother Jonathan Reeves worked hand in hand to distribute narcotics and illegal weaponry, beginning in 2024. They called themselves the “Dwellers”. Their operations were on a small scale, but proved profitable. The pair decided in 2025 that they wanted more hands in on the project. Dealers all around Georgia were recruited to the Dwellers and promised a cut of the profits. The founders overestimated the profit they would gain from the increase in productivity as a result of hiring help, which quickly grew problematic. Internal struggle arose from the ensuing financial hardship.As the conflict reached its peak, Hickory Reeves was pinned for the group’s monetary losses and ultimately became the scapegoat for their steady decline. He was imprisoned by the others, escaping only months before the Flash. Jonathan and a large sum of money had also gone missing. Alexander Walker, one of the men who had harbored resentment against Hickory, stepped up as the next leader.

As the bombs began to fall across the United States, Alexander rushed his men into the sewer system. Here they remained until 2037, where their ragtag trading group’s name truly came through as the Dwellers. Upon emerging, the group began making a meager living through trade.

Now 2039, trade serves as the primary function of the Dwellers, though they are also known to provide mercenary services. The group is turning away from a past of undercover banditry and drug dealing, now focused on providing resources and weapons to those who are willing to trade for them.

Faction Relations

Mirage Faction Relations

as of 12/14/18

USCPF: Positive

CDF: Leaning Positive

SLF: Leaning Negative

Myriad: Leaning Negative

TLB: Leaning Negative

Racketeers: Unknown To Exist

Maverick's Claw: Leaning Positive

Deep Winter Faction Relations (it doesn't really matter since Deep Winter practically ended.)

Camp Golden (ATF 7 Lore)

When The Dwellers left their home in 2053 they had minimal supplies. Only the clothes on their backs and the rifles in their hands. They wandered the wasteland for around a year, making stops at whatever settlements they found and trading whatever goods they came across. Many of the group’s members wished for something to call home once more, after being kicked from their previous residency. In 2054 The Dwellers stumbleupon what may be the answer to their wishes. The Dwellers opened the dust covered glass doors to what used to power the city. Goldeneye Casino. On the outer edge of Vegas, the Casino wasn't the most popular. It felt like a perfect place to set up a settlement at. It had kitchens, bathrooms, and lots of space. The Dwellers worked tirelessly to repair the place, not before running into a problem. Resources in the area were becoming scarce after nearly a year of consumption. The group needed a larger pool to take from besides from the local factions. In 2055 a scouting team of around 15 people were chosen, including two of the leaders, Oak and Luke. The basic idea was that the group was to head to the hotspot of Lake Mead and set up a small camp, where they would begin collecting resources and sending them back to the main group. Exchange of resources frequently happens between the two camps. They depend on each other to uphold themselves.

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