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After the Flash: Deep Six Reboot is an official reboot featuring singleverse story like the ended original of Deep Six. The Reboot story will have returning factions like the Reds, British RCO, Tidewater Brewers, USCPF, Brazil MEB, and the PRT with a new faction named the Ravagers.

Although official, ChadtheCreator wasn't involved with the Reboot nor the D6R Discord server besides updating the game for the overseers of the reboot.

Additions from Deep Winter

The D6R had additional places from Deep Winter which include the DEcorp ruin building.

Restoration and returning popularity

After the restoration from the original end Deep Six story ruin places, the restored bar and other buildings gained popularity and player counts for awhile until a few months. Eventually the popularity died down, but the reboot of D6 has caused a small amount of people to play D6 regularly. Recently, the D6R team has begun hosting on D6 again, possibly hinting at the ending of their hiatus?


The 2nd American Civil War has been at a standstill for the last couple of months, with a ceasefire enacted by the USA and Brazilian Republic. The People's Republic of Tidewater is on the road to recovery from the Atlanta Crisis, and non-government organizations such as the Reds are beginning to form cells outside of New Atlanta. Some military experts say that the war effort is about to be ramped up just in time for the winter solstice, however only time will tell. This is where the story begins, in the outbacks of Halfmoon Creek.

The Reboot Story starts on December 1st, 2114.


Night Darkness

During the early days of the Reboot, the day cycle was broken which caused the entire map server to go dark completely. The only light source was flashlights, lamps, lamp posts, and buildings.

Game Pass

After Reboot D6 restoration update, players including veterans had purchased Game Passes with Robux were not available in-game just long after the end of the Original Old Deep Six’s end.