Craterview, sometimes shortened as Crater or CV, is a RAD - X infested Scrap Town located north of Boulder Cove in After the Flash: Mirage. Before being invaded by an army of RAD - X's, it was the hub of RP activity and is typically where most roleplays start or take place in the game.


A traditional scrap town atop a mesa near the center of the map. This town is often used as a pitstop on the trade highway that runs on the map from East to West (South is the Lake). The town was once owned and governed by the CDF, but due to a schism with the SLF, it was banned from governing the town. It is now in its own city-state sort of situation, where a mayor (who lives in the tallest tower) oversees its operations, while traders come and go. The town’s farm is large and productive, but has its own problems, leading to food shortages at times. The town’s water is piped directly from the lake, and it gets its power from the solar field. The town is setup to cut its bridge and elevator in case of a siege, and it has enough supplies to keep a raiding party at bay for a couple of weeks.

Leaflet Bomb Event

The sound of a loud bang was heard in Craterview. Few were able to identify it as the sound of a mortar.

As people began to look for shelter in the streets, they were surprised to see that the payload of the bombs were actually papers. The papers, or leaflets, yielded a lot of information on the mutant disease.

The leaflets stated that Boulder Cove isn't safe due to the high number of RAD-8 type mutant sightings in the area and advised not to travel through there alone. They explained how the disease works, the stages, and how to prevent infection. Additionally, there was information on how to fight the different stages of mutants and what to do if you think you're infected. For those who aren't well educated or lack experience against mutants, this was a god send.

After everyone settled themselves, a few of the town's residents found pamphlets that directly attacked the SLF and their libertarian ideology. It claimed that the SLF didn't care for Craterview or the region surrounding the town, and it also claimed they threatened to destroy the town previously with zero regard for people's safety.

It's unsure if these messages serve as an omen of some sort for what's to come through the new year. Many are curious to the SLF's response to all of this

SLF Increases Efforts to Fight Off Biomass Threat

Over the past few weeks, the Southwest Libertarian Front has been dedicating their men in defending the region from the mutant threat. Multiple assaults and attacks have been performed on mutant held areas and biomass growths. The success of these operations has varied. The SLF has also begun selling deradiators to Craterview at a cheaper price than usual.

Hunger Pain

For the past few weeks, Craterview has struggled to recover from the effects of the cold spell. It is expected that the next harvest of crops will be at a level which will have a lot of trouble sustaining the town in both trade and actually feeding people. Merchants and buisness owners in the town have raised their prices on food and produce in response as demand climbs.

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