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Craterview, sometimes shortened as Crater or CV, is an abandoned Scrap Town located north of Boulder Cove in After the Flash: Mirage. Before being invaded by an army of RAD - X's, it was the hub of RP activity and typically where most roleplays started or took place in the game. It now is an abandoned Scrap Town where little to no RP activity occurs currently.


A traditional scrap town atop a mesa near the center of the map. This town was often used as a pitstop on the trade highway that runs on the map from East to West (South is the Lake). The town was once owned and governed by the CDF, but due to a schism with the SLF, it was banned from governing the town. It then became its own city-state, where a mayor (who lived in the tallest tower) oversaw its operations, while traders came and went. The town’s farm was large and productive, but had its own problems, leading to food shortages at times. The town’s water was piped directly from the lake, and it got its power from the solar field. The town was setup to cut its bridge and elevator in case of a siege, and it had enough supplies to keep a raiding party at bay for a couple of weeks.

Leaflet Bomb Event

The sound of a loud bang was heard in Craterview. Few were able to identify it as the sound of a mortar.

As people began to look for shelter in the streets, they were surprised to see that the payload of the bombs were actually papers. The papers, or leaflets, yielded a lot of information on the mutant disease.

The leaflets stated that Boulder Cove isn't safe due to the high number of RAD-8 type mutant sightings in the area and advised not to travel through there alone. They explained how the disease works, the stages, and how to prevent infection. Additionally, there was information on how to fight the different stages of mutants and what to do if you think you're infected. For those who aren't well educated or lack experience against mutants, this was a god send.

After everyone settled themselves, a few of the town's residents found pamphlets that directly attacked the SLF and their libertarian ideology. It claimed that the SLF didn't care for Craterview or the region surrounding the town, and it also claimed they threatened to destroy the town previously with zero regard for people's safety.

It's unsure if these messages serve as an omen of some sort for what's to come through the new year. Many are curious to the SLF's response to all of this

SLF Increases Efforts to Fight Off Biomass Threat

Over the past few weeks, the Southwest Libertarian Front has been dedicating their men in defending the region from the mutant threat. Multiple assaults and attacks have been performed on mutant held areas and biomass growths. The success of these operations has varied. The SLF has also begun selling deradiators to Craterview at a cheaper price than usual.

Hunger Pain

For the past few weeks, Craterview has struggled to recover from the effects of the cold spell. It is expected that the next harvest of crops will be at a level which will have a lot of trouble sustaining the town in both trade and actually feeding people. Merchants and buisness owners in the town have raised their prices on food and produce in response as demand climbs.

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Independent Craterview

On a much more calm-seeming day in Craterview, the town noticeably was much more packed due to the rising tension in the air among the town. Amidst this, Mayor Benson and his bodyguard were both dragged out into the middle of Craterview by three masked citizens, with two of them brandishing weapons. Only after a few other bystanders had realized what was happening, the bodyguard was shot in the back of the head, and the mayor had taken an axe into his head. In the immediate panic, the three ran out of Craterview via a rappel, though all split off in different directions. What this meant for Craterview is unclear. The town remained under security by its own populace, commerce proceeds as usual.

After the chaos had settled down and people returned to their lives-- though still shaken, they began to think about a new leader. Some considered a council, a few vouched for no government at all-- but after Aaron Bliss had returned to Craterview, nobody protested when he promptly entered the mayor's tower and took a seat. Aaron Bliss was now recognized as the mayor of Craterview, his claim to the seat backed by his social influence, and backing by other influencers among Craterview's social hierarchy.

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The Coyotes

Upon hearing reports of a small group of bandits who had stationed themselves in the Boulder Cove Police department within sight of Craterview, the leadership of Craterview dispatched the Maverick's Claw to make easy work of the bandits. As the first shots of the firefight rang out across the desert, the people of CV took to the rooftops to watch the battle take place. As the bandits numbered only around ten, the arriving Claw was able to successfully assault their position in the Police Department, taking few casualties during the process. As the people of CV watched on, the bandits were cut down methodically, and the job seemed to be all but done. However, unbeknownst to both the people of CV and the MC themselves, the bandits in the Police Department were only a small scouting detachment of a much larger force. A force which, as the battle was all but won by the MC, arrived in several vehicles. In sight of the spectators in the town, the vehicles arrived, and almost twenty more men took the unsuspecting Maverick's Claw from behind. Caught between two separate forces of enemies, the MC was mercilessly crushed by the bandits, much to the shock of the people in Craterview. Bodies lined the streets. However, to make matters worse as the gunfire faded and the bandits headed back to their vehicles... it appeared that they were heading toward Craterview.

As it became clear that they were headed directly toward Craterview, the guards on the rooftops began to take shots at the vehicles speeding across the desert. These were ultimately ineffectual, and the people began to panic as the vehicles came to a stop and the bandits, bearing coyote insignia and an apparent orange color scheme, began to flood into the town before the bridge could be cut. The ensuing chaos could only be described as a slaughter. Any townspeople and guards who resisted were shot on sight, and the attack was spearheaded by the apparent leader of the group, a large man in a modified raider SEAL suit with a skull on one shoulder. The bandits, calling themselves "The Coyotes", then began clearing the town building to building. All of the surrendering townspeople were forced into the open. Having barricaded himself in his tower, both Mayor Bliss and the Guard Commander attempted to escape, however all exits were blocked and finally, they were confronted on the top floor of the tower. The mayor was shot almost immediately, and the commander was shot and fell out a window onto the balcony below. Shortly after this, he was retrieved by the leader of the Coyotes and brutally interrogated as to who he was, though it's yet unknown what he said. He was shortly executed on the balcony in sight of the people afterwards. Finally, as their victory and occupation of the town was assured, an orange flag bearing the coyote insignia was flown over the Mayor's office, signifying their abrupt and brutal control of the town.

The Maverick's Claw was now shattered beyond repair. Only a few remained in the Lake Mead region.

Craterview now belonged to the Coyotes.


It seemed to be just another night in Craterview. Despite some recent losses, the Coyotes had strengthened their grip on the town with the help of their ally, Myriad. They were still a group to be reckoned with and the day that they would finally leave the town still felt far. But under their noses, a resistance was brewing. Rebels backed by the CDF had been sneaking firearms into the town and stashing them away to bypass the weapons ban set in place by the Coyotes. Every other day, more and more weapons had been collected in preparation for an armed rebellion within the town. On this particular day, the rebels had decided they were ready. CDF grunts embedded into the population began to lead civilians to secluded spots in the town to arm them with weapons. Because there were not enough firearms for every civilian, some would have no choice but to fight with their bare hands.

The signal to begin fighting came when the power went off in Craterview. Under the dim light of fire pits and lamps, the rebellion began. Coyotes unlucky enough to be out in the streets were quickly ambushed and killed. The rebels spread out, assaulting Coyotes in their holdouts across Craterview. They encountered heavy push-back and the battle quickly became one of attrition. As the fighting continued, Myriad arrived in the town. Surprisingly, they began to assist the rebels in attacking the Coyotes. Their support allowed them to finally push through the last of the Coyote holdouts, killing most of them in the process.

But the battle hadn't ended. Just as things calmed down, captured enemy radios signaled that reinforcements were on the way. The bridge was cut down in preparation. The reinforcements came through the crop fields, making their way around just beneath Craterview. Using ladders and ropes, some Coyotes were able to re-enter the town and force the rebels into an isolated spot at the entrance. They were now encircled, and an ominous feeling that they were about to lose came over the dissidents. But they held out. Machine gunners mowed down any Coyotes who dared to approach their position. The battle persisted until signs came that the Coyotes were retreating. They fled into the desert, disappearing into the desert wind. The rebels didn't bother following them. They had many casualties to attend to. Corpses from both sides littered the streets. The hard-fought battle had finally ended. The Coyotes had been forced out of Craterview and fled from the valley. Many had given their lives to ensure this victory. Both civilian, Myriad, and CDF members were among the dead. Myriad left once they revealed that they had never intended to help the Coyotes and only became their ally to undermine any decisions or actions they took. The SLF had apparently known of this. The CDF disembarked from Craterview soon after helping civilians recuperate. Now the town was back to the old days. But it had no leadership. Whoever would own it was unclear for now. More important things were to be done first.


As the bodies from the horrific Coyote occupation were finally all cleared away from the streets, and the town had taken it's time to recover and rebuild, the people of Craterview finally began to consider their position in the wasteland. The Coyotes had left the town battered and bloodied, but the people had remained, and for the time being both the USCPF and SLF had declared their intention to draw back from Craterview, in the interest of maintaining the town as a friend and trade ally. They intended to respect CV's wishes for true independence. With their independence from the SLF and the unceasing tug of war in the valley between the USCPF and the SLF, the townspeople finally raised the question: who will lead us?

Having been made weary of a single authoritarian figure after the deception of Mayor Bliss and the infiltration of the town by the mysterious Brigade, it was soon made clear that the people had no intention of electing a Mayor. The reformed and independent Craterview needed a new system for leadership, one less susceptible to infiltration and control by groups with ulterior motives. After some time, the idea of a council of three leaders, with no affiliations to any outside groups was decided upon. The first to step forward was Harold "Hoss" Waldrup, the head of the Jail and Bounty Board before the Coyotes had overtaken the town. The second man chosen, Hank Donovan, a SEAL mechanic well regarded in the town. The third and final chosen for the council was Waldo Baker, a gun salesman who had been a citizen in the town for as long as anyone could remember.

Once the three council members had been decided upon, they decided among themselves what areas of Craterview they would focus their efforts on. Hoss naturally assigned himself to the reformation of the Bounty Board, which was decided would be expanded into the law enforcement and defense of Craterview, which Hoss himself would also head. It was also decided that a volunteer guard force directed by Captains of his choosing would be instated. Donovan chose to focus himself on public relations, directing Craterview's interactions as an entity with the assorted factions still friendly with the town and their varied interests. And finally, Waldo Baker would be focusing on the economic wellbeing of Craterview, ensuring the barter and trade business would continue thriving, so that Craterview could once again become economic powerhouse of the region. With the three men finally chosen and firmly devoted to pushing Craterview forward, past the tragedy it had so recently endured, the people could finally begin to return to some semblance of normal and look forward to the future.

The Takeover

At midnight, Biomass forces (Mutants) rushed into Craterview using siege-equipped vehicles. A horrible close-quarters blood bath ensued in which many mutants and human defenders were killed. After some time, the humans of Craterview were given the order to retreat across the bridge and regroup at the Atom Kick Factory. As they fled, a few guards cut the bridge and fought the mutants to the death, to prevent the mutants from following across the bridge. Many died in the battle. The mutants were now in control of Craterview. Before long, a large Biomass tree was established that slowly overtook the town. The mutant threat has increased exponentially, and many civilians have either fled the region or flocked to receive aid and shelter from factions. In a quick response to the disaster, the CDF have established a refugee camp overlooking the Badlands. A majority of Craterview's residents and staff have already relocated to the camp. The CDF began efforts to evolve the camp into a fully-fledged scrap town. In other news, the weather of the valley gradually begins to warm. This scrap town would later come to fruition later on, being dawned with the name 'Cliffguard'.

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The Siege of Craterview

Earlier in the Spring, GMC was overtaken by the 17th Sustainment Brigade. GCSA Ecologists and USCPF Marauders were all executed for their crimes, including the creation of Archie, a Super Seal RAD-8B that now led the forces in Craterview, the RAD-C Virus, a new strain of Mutants that inhabited the Old Biomass hub at Lake Mead Nuclear that were created by the failure of a cure to get rid of the Biomass at LMN (Defeated by the CV Biomass Mutants later on), and live experiments of RAD-C testing on live subjects (Including Outcasts from the Wasteland, Humans, and even Soldiers of the USCPF themselves). The Majority of GCSA Personnel remained in the GMC along with the 17th. The entire base was labeled as terrorists, and later on in the week the GCSA all packed up from the Orange Sector, and left the GMC, going to an unknown location in the Valley. A select few of Ecologists and Marauders that remained along with some GCSA and USCPF Personnel moved to an unknown location in the valley also, still being affiliated with the Federal Government, being called "Loyalists". They still hold out somewhere in the Valley, waiting for the day when Reinforcements from Vegas FOB hopefully will arrive.

Due to these events, war had ended between the 17th and the SLF. The Treaty of Fort Viridian was officially signed and a Joint Operation was planned between the two factions. This occurred later on in spring, in early June.

As the sun started to set over the valley, a joint SLF-US force was preparing for battle at Fort Viridian. A platoon-sized force of Airmen and 17th soldiers were arming themselves for one final mission against the Biomass. The siege of Craterview was intended to destroy the last RAD-8 in the region and liberate the scraptown from mutant occupation. As the men finished equipping themselves, they departed from the airbase and prepared to engage the mutants who were ready for a fight.The platoon went into position in an arch around Craterview as the sun set over their shoulders. An eerie silence filled the air with radio chatter being the only source of sound. Before long, the men were greenlit to open fire and the silence quickly turned into a deafening warzone. The main element let loose bullets towards the town, the mutants quickly returning fire themselves. As bullets were traded between the two forces, a smaller element began pushing into the town through the entry mesa. Smokescreens were used to cover their advancement, which hindered the mutants from returning fire.

Just as the element managed to push up the mesa, Warrant Officer Garrick ordered the first white phosphorus mortar shell to be launched against the town. The order was received, and within only ten seconds the first 81mm WP shell was launched. The shell whizzed through the air before slamming into the side of the Biomass tree. A cloud of thick white smoke erupted as the white phosphorus shell exploded, latching onto the Biomass tree and burning it. The mutants let out a warcry as the tree began getting destroyed by the WP. Meanwhile, the second element took advantage of the mutants' confusion and advanced on Craterview.

The push was successful, and before long the two elements had converged. The larger unit now skirmished with the mutants across the mesatops, while a special team of TF56 operatives and USCPF agents began climbing up the Biomass tendril positioned just below the mayor's tower. After a few minutes of climbing, the team had finally made its way to the top. The SLF-US advancement was quickly halted momentarily as Archie commanded suicide bombers to disrupt the invading forces. Meanwhile, a second white phosphorus shell was launched to further destroy the Biomass tree. Many soldiers lost their lives to the suicide bombers, but ultimately it was not enough to call a retreat. The force of SLF and USCPF successfully pushed through the Craterview defenses and slowly began clearing the town, killing and burning mutants in the process. Before long, the TF56 unit had managed to clear half the town and force the remaining mutants into one building as the main element was ordered to move into town. The men advanced into Craterview, overpowering any resistance with their manpower and firepower. The main element merged with the TF56 unit as the forces all joined up together in the middle of Craterview. A team of SLF-US forces was sent in to clear the infirmary building where a few dozen mutants were held up. Archie and his remaining jockies were forced to retreat into the apartments where they held their last stand. Unbeknownst to him, the platoon knew of his hiding place. As the shooting stopped, all the men were ordered to turn their guns on the building and thoroughly pepper it with bullets in an attempt to punch through the scrap metal and wound Archie's jockies. The plan was ultimately successful, as it flushed the armored beast out of hiding.

Multiple soldiers were gunned down by Archie's light machine gun, with some losing their life in an attempt to take him down. He was quickly over encumbered as multiple bullets slammed into his head from all sides, before falling to his knee. Archie had been gunned down in a hail of gunfire, succumbing to his wounds as the unforgiving forces kept peppering his head with high caliber gunfire. As Archie fell, the last mutants in town either fled or were killed. Even though the raid had been disastrous for both sides, the joint SLF and 17th forces emerged victorious. Many had lost their lives to destroy the Biomass once and for all, and in the end it had proven successful. In the aftermath, corpses were taken out enmasse and put into bodybags. Both SLF and USCPF forces converged on the entry mesa as CBRN units were sent in to clean up the town. Napalm was used to burn what remained of the Biomass, and mutant corpses were put in piles and burnt. The threat of RAD-X is all but eradicated in Lake Mead.

Craterview was now liberated once again.

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