ChadTheCreator is the creator of both the After the Flash and Club Boates, known on Roblox mainly as Chad.

ChadTheCreator has made After The Flash’s first 5 games on his account and has had help from several others. His games were immensely popular back between 2008 and 2011, but most of the players and developers quit after Flashstorm released. Lately around 2018, his games have been picking up more people. His previous game, ATF: Deep Six, has founded ATF Advisory board.

His most recent After The Flash game, ATF: Overcast, has become fairly popular and recently has been halted updates due to them beginning work on the next series game, ATF 8.

On February 9th, 2019 Chad's ROBLOX account was seized by hackers and shortly remained banned for price inflation in many common limiteds, but soon, he fortunately received his account back and continued his game series.

TL;DR expect more shit games

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