ChadTheCreator is the creator of the popular post-apocalyptic survival and military RolePlaying game in Roblox, After the Flash series.

ChadTheCreator has made ATF 1-5 on his account and has had help from several others including Darkness, a spin-off which is non-canon. His games were immensely popular back between 2008’s and 2010’s round there, but most of the players and Developers quit after sandstorm. Lately around 2018, his games have been picking up more people. His previous game, ATF: Deep 6 has founded ATF Advisory board.

ATF Mirage is starting to go into works and will be planned to release, Late-2018 or Early-2019. His fans hope it will be Late-2018. He and the developers released it in Early August 2018 with no delays, but with glitches and unfinished things. They fixed the damage of the ATF: Mirage. 

On February 9th, 2019 Chad's ROBLOX account was hacked. The Advisory Board was taken over and the funds were transfered to the hackers.  


Please do not add any images that is inappropriate and griefing at Chad. It will make him unhappy if he sees this.