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The flag of the CDF.

The Civilian Defense Front is one of the two most displayed factions in After the Flash. The CDF was a nationwide militia formed in the mid-2030s by civilians, for civilians. However, the name "Civilian Defense Front" was not used until 2049, where the organization had adopted the name from a group of militiamen that used the name in North Carolina. From 2036 to 2096, the CDF was the pinnacle of civilization in the post-Flash American wasteland. In 2096, during the Reconstruction Era, the anti-US CDF collaborated with the MEB to spark the Second American Civil War. (North VS South once again.)

The CDF in the Nuclear Winter (2032 - 2046)

The one of the earliest versions of the CDF plays during 2039 under the guise of a nameless militia and a group of civilian scavengers in Georgia known simply as groundwalkers. Their territory consists of the Den, the Slums, the Bank and a groundwalker camp near Pliskin Airport.

The CDF in After the Flash: Deep Winter is described as a rather large group of survivors who live in the underground sewage system on the north side of Halfmoon Creek, shunning mutants, and have somewhat better living standards compared to the average post-Flash survivor with clean water, a supply of food and complex medical equipment like de-radiators.

The CDF in the Dustbowl Era (2046 - 2096)

The CDF most people are familiar with first come into play in After the Flash... during the year 2047 known as the "Civilian Defense Force" occupying a scrap town coiled as Bridge Town on a highway in the outer banks of North Carolina. The CDF can be identified from their thin, solid yellow armbands with a gas mask decale. The Civilian Defense Force have the simple goal to help fellow, unarmed refugees to safety and to form a new government.

The CDF evolve once again in After the Flash: Sandstorm as a more influential faction in 2067. The CDF own more territory in the Rockport area such as Dock Town, Subzone 2, the Bank, the Hotel and the gates including the gated portions of the Florida highway. The new motto of the CDF is stated as, "By civilians; for civilians."

The CDF in After the Flash: Rain expand even further into the isolated island Oahu, Hawaii and stand as one of the last remnants of the traditional Civilian Defense Front in Pearl City, 2103. The CDF occupy Crane Town, Masterson Valley, including its factory and its bunker which they utilize in order to maintain Crane Town and the CDF itself.

The CDF in After the Flash: Mirage are present in Lake Mead, Arizona in the midst of 2055 where they combine forces with the USCPF stationed in the Goldfield Mountain Complex to face against the Southwest Liberation Front currently lying in the nearby fort, Fort Viridian. In 2056, they moved to the Pit, and made it a civilian scraptown. Later, this became a CDF facility, where they don't let civilians in anymore as Cliffguard got built. In 2057, in february, the mutants' attacked Craterview, which made the CDF to make a camp, this was called the 'Refuge Camp'. The CDF would later build an entire scraptown there, but they didn't have any supplies, so they made a desperate call to all CDF scraptowns in a distance of 100 miles to send supplies. Many scraptowns responded to send supplies. This caused Cliffguard to be built.

The CDF in the Reconstruction Era (2096 - 2115)

The CDF in After the Flash: Deep Six had established the People's Republic of Tidewater as an official government to rival that of the United States of America after the Atlanta Crisis. The CDF act as Tidewater's main military power, known at the time as the PRTM. The PRTM in Deep Six was a unit stationed in Chatham County, Georgia as the 4th Georgia Guard Division stationed in Fort Wilmington, also known as the "Blue Shield" division, tasked with holding the frontier against the United States. The division in Deep Six consisted of two companies; the veteran Brown Company with two platoons left and full fresh Easy Company along with a reinforcement Lance Company.