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The Bridge Island was a contested zone used for crossing, it was right in the middle of the Halfmoon RIver near Pre-War Ruins. In ATF:D6 and DW, it was used as a base/outpost. It was also used for raising the bridge to let the boats to come in and used to be a war zone/frontlines.

Deep Six Timeline

The bridge was partly destroyed by USCPF by accident because they didn't know where the artillery guns that the PRT-M attacked. In late June, the MEB deploys the Railgun Tank which its main gun was from possibly from the Atlanta Crisis, the Second American Civil War in the 2090's. It was almost got hit by the USCPF Navy Shells, but the bullets hit the bridge causing little damage. In Early-Mid July, the Reds rises up against the PRT-M and controls the Town named Southside. A day or later, USCPF and RCO escorted by DEcorps plans to rebuild the Bridge and Fortify the Island as a staging invasion against the PRT. Soon after the Battle of Halfmoon Region, the USCPF newly built camp for refugees and placed a military bridge by the Engineers. Soon after the war, the Checkpoints were changed.

This is where a contested battle and standoffs takes place between the opposing sides.

The USCPF/RCO forces during the establishment and repairs of the Bridge. (Old D6 Story)

Deep Winter Timeline

The rogue and splinter group from the Citizen Defense Forces known as the Reds took control the Bridge a few years after the Flash, it was restricted for civilians to crossover the bridge. Unlike the Deep Six Bridge, it has a different bridge lifter making the Deep Six Non-Canon. Later, the USCPF battled the Reds, forcing them to be out of the game. People are now un-restricted to travel from South to North since the survivors were former Citizens of the (First) United States of America, but people were fleeing from South due to USCPF protection and other things. The battle of the Concord named on the Bridge Island forced the factions to form a Coalition against USCPF.

Locations near the River

There are buildings that are in ruins like Pre-war and Current War in 2115.

  • Pre-War Ruin Store with the scrap house and Humvees.
  • Destroyed Tank (Presumably from the Atlanta Crisis).
  • Overpass Highway Bridge. (Pre-war)
  • USCPF checkpoint tents
  • Northside Gas Station, destroyed by PRTM artillery
  • Fort Shad (Destroyed).
  • Pre-War Metro line bridge.
  • (In Deep Winter Canon) Pre-War US Navy Ship.
  • (Deep Winter) Destroyed/Sunk Ship in Concord.

In the Deep Six Reboot, they're reverted back into different place.