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Disclaimer: This ATF D6 faction is no more due to Deep Six’s end and Disbandment after ATF: Mirage officially released.


B3 is a criminal group that, in PRT, is recognized as a terrorist organization, and in the US is very close to terrorist recognition as well. However, B3 are not terrorists in the traditional sense of the word. B3 is an organized criminal group for the benefit of their own selves, as a bandit group should be. B3 members come from a variety of backgrounds. Ex military, civilians, cops, farmers, medical staff, etc. While some of them would have training, most would only know the basics of handing themselves.

B3 started as a group of ex-US Police Officers in 2105, being underfunded and corrupt. The group saw the criminal underbelly of the US, and grabbed it by the horns, peddling illegal weaponry and substances they confiscated from their day job. As time progressed, in 2110, the group broke off from their police ties, and just began focusing on the mass selling and collecting of illegal substances.

Over time, B3’s focuses have shifted. They began being robbing others more and more as time progressed. With their focus shift, B3’s hierarchy, and name, became more cemented within the minds of both the US, and PRT. It wasn’t until B3 began moving PRT citizens to the US- and vice versa- that PRT officially declared them as a “terrorist organization” to generate propaganda, and a stigma against B3 to get them reported to PRT officials more.

B3 currently stands, in 2115, with a leader that isn’t known by the masses, and a rigid- almost militia-like- rank structure. Hunted by PRT, and US alike. B3 has one goal in mind, and one goal strapped to them at all times. That goal being; profit by any means necessary. As of recent, B3 has began raiding small convoys from PRT, US, or related companies as a means of boosting their gear, and money. B3 is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of others, and they plan to keep it that way. During the Southside riots, the B3 fled the region


Due to us being a bandit faction, most of the gear we have would be civilian grade gear unless told otherwise by the lore of your individual character. Most bandits would not have military grade gear, equipment, or weapons. However, there is an exception as B3 does organize raids of military convoys. In these events, bandits within B3, if they win, will of course raid and take everything they can get their hands on. If you acquire a sort of military equipment that is not prohibited for use as said by the weapons guide, then you may keep it if the raid host allows as raids are mostly multiverse. You must also ask a HR if you acquire anything from a raid. Another exception for gear such as rigs can be forwarded in a deal with companies such as Safeguard or basically any other running organization that is willing to bear trade with B3. You must ask a HR as stated above in the previous statements. Explosives/throwables are allowed if they are easily made and bought. The hosts of a raid must also allow explosives/throwables. Examples are molotovs and nail bombs. Once again, get it approved by a HR. Not all B3 members have radios unless they are given to them by a HR+ for an operation. Other than this, the only people that would have a radio, which is civilian, would be HR+.


Yes, customs are allowed in B3. However, your custom must have some type of B3 symbolism on it whether it be the B3 armband or bandana. The B3 symbol must be visible on the custom, however, just because it has to be visible doesn’t mean it has to be out where everyone can see it. In character, you must be able to hide the B3 symbol and reveal it at will without any hardship whatsoever. If the B3 symbol is clearly visible to the public and not able to be hidden, then custom would not be approved. Customs with vests and rigs should only be used for raids and approved by a HR+ for use. Your custom should not have any military grade gear on it. You must send your custom template to a HR+ for approval.

Available weaponry


  • Hyke
  • Dracia
  • Sparo
  • CV.Chimera
  • Hellfighter
  • SBS-4
  • MR-0
  • Henry rifle
  • AR-10
  • Chucker
  • Bootleg
  • Brigadier
  • Coacher
  • F71
  • Firefly
  • Fusil
  • Harbinger
  • Jaguar
  • M14
  • Nationalist  
  • Stinger


  • Buster
  • Colt
  • DP-8
  • Diablo - poor condition
  • Erwin
  • Hawker
  • Impala -poor condition
  • Kurtz - poor condition
  • M1911
  • M9
  • Maxwell
  • Odio
  • PM8
  • Point shank
  • SH-9
  • Wasp
  • HK9 - In poor condition
  • Maverick - In poor condition
  • Warden - In poor condition

Unavailable Weaponry


  • Norte
  • Hopper
  • CSP
  • Victoria
  • VSS
  • ABR
  • Reiner
  • Levi
  • Para
  • C21A5
  • ADV.sparo
  • M4
  • M16
  • SMLG
  • SC.Chimera
  • TSR
  • TSR29
  • XSR-6


  • BHP
  • DE50
  • GXT-9
  • I-CT
  • Quiman
  • Any Mendel


As a member of B3, you are expected to act maturely OOCly and ICly when it is needed. You must also listen to your host when they give orders, even if they are a lower rank. The host of the roleplay is taking time out of their day to host a roleplay for the faction. Do not make it dreadful and annoying for them. Listen to them. If a B3 member cannot follow this simple rule which is here for a reasonable purpose, they will be dealt with if any incident is reported to a HR+. However, if the host is doing something unreasonable and stupid, report it to a HR+ to be dealt with. You won’t be punished if the host is doing something unacceptable. OOC should not be excessive during roleplays. You’re there to roleplay, have some character development if you’re just sitting around at any point. Within a host, you are expected to listen to all ranks higher than you. Same goes outside of a host. The people ranked higher than you are higher up in the hierarchy for a reason. Listen to them. If any FRP occurs from a B3 member, you are expected to report it to a higher up immediately. A B3 member should not be reckless ICly or OOCly. B3 members should use common sense and be patient when it comes to crimes if it’s in broad daylight in a town such as southside. Most crimes would obviously occur at night time as well. There is an entry app for a reason and the reason is to filter through the idiots to get the decent people that have common sense.

An Up-to-date Guide to Special Roles:

[SR] Haggler: More mature and sophisticated than other roles, they use their words to handle heated situations. A haggler is always put front and center in most arms deals and run ins with the law to avoid most violent situations. They are equipped with small side arms that are easily concealable to use as a last resort.

[SR] Longshot: They are the snipers of the group. They often carry scoped bolt action rifles, they stay to the back of most fights, opting instead to pick off their enemies before they even know what hit them. They will intentionally avoid close combat if at all possible.

[SR] Seeker: Basically the watchmen of the group. They carry small side arms or melee weapons regularly and watch for any threats that may be directed towards the group of B3 members they are currently with whether it be in a raid or a daily run through Southside. They also look for potential victims or enemies.

[SR] Heavyweight: The most heavily armed members of the group, often carrying 12 Gauge shotguns or scavenged machineguns. Heavies are the muscle of the group, the enforcers that are responsible for intimidating people, and in firefights, being glorified human shields. It’s no coincidence that the Heavies tend to be the largest of the group.

[SR] Insider: An Insider can be any current or former member of an authority group, that has been paid off to provide information, supplies, and valuable details on possible targets. These can be former CDF soldiers, TIFEPOL officers, etc. However, to be in this role you must also be in the group and rank of the faction you're roleplaying as an insider of.

[SR] Smuggler: Smugglers are members of B3 that smuggle things across the border illegally. They primarily carry melee weapons since most of their work is underground in the sewers, but when they’re with the group they usually carry weapons ranging from rifles to small side arms. Though they are mainly responsible for smuggling people and various items across the border, their expertise is used in other situations that involve smuggling.

[SR] Dealer: Dealers are what the name says. These could be drug dealers, weapon dealers, dew dealers, etc. They are responsible for making the drugs for B3 to sell and selling them alongside the Hagglers or, in the event a Haggler is not there, selling it themselves. They carry small side arms and melee weapons of their choosing.

[SR] Bruiser: These guys are the CQC kinds of people. Their expertise lies in hand to hand combat and close quarters in general. These people are generally formerly from the military or police force, having combat training to easily take down their opponents and deal damaging blows. They primarily carry around shotguns since the work they do requires them to get up close and personal.

[SR] Anarchist: The shit disturbers of the group. They cause havoc and know no bounds with the levels of destruction. These guys probably carry around molotovs and nail bombs for the fun of it if they’re really into their role, just incase they feel like fucking up someone’s day or setting up a special trap or surprise for their enemies. They carry around whatever weapons they can get their hands on. Preferably the weapons that cause the most destruction.

[SR] Recon: These guys observe and watch the authoritative forces in NS and SS. They map out patrol routes and times, reporting them back to the members of B3 so they can avoid any trouble with them. They basically do recon and figure out the enemy’s movements along with mapping routes and such for quick escape or shortcuts if needed. They carry rifles and sidearms.

[SR] Vehicle Specialist: Vehicle Specialists are the people that handle the vehicles within the group. They operate mainly in the chop shop, but also serve as getaway drivers and mechanics. There guys also serve as the groups hijackers to keep a constant flow of vehicles going at the chop shop. They carry small-medium sidearms and melee weapons primarily.

*To obtain and SR role, you will have to complete a simple application. Some SR ranks WILL have a member cap, so if you want a spot, send applications in ASAP.