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Boulder Cove as seen from Craterview.

Boulder Cove is a near Ghost Town located near Lake Mead in the US state of Arizona in After the Flash: Mirage.


Boulder Cove is a pre-war town that sits beside Lake Mead at the map’s south end. Due to the mesas beside the town, much of it was protected from the nuclear blast. The town has been looted for the past four decades, but some supplies may remain in various locations. Various groups of people make this set of ruins their home for short periods of time, however one survivor faction makes its home in the parking lot of the Outdoors Store beside the lake.

Leaflet Bomb Event

The sound of a loud bang was heard in Craterview. Few were able to identify it as the sound of a mortar. As people began to look for shelter in the streets, they were surprised to see that the payload of the bombs were actually papers. The papers, or leaflets, yielded a lot of information on the mutant disease.

The leaflets stated that Boulder Cove isn't safe due to the high number of RAD-8 type mutant sightings in the area and advised not to travel through there alone. They explained how the disease works, the stages, and how to prevent infection. Additionally, there was information on how to fight the different stages of mutants and what to do if you think you're infected. For those who aren't well educated or lack experience against mutants, this was a god send.

The Mutant Menace Rises

With the recent resurgence of mutants, Boulder Cove has been rendered a Hot Zone for mutant activity. Though, the explanation for their activity remains unseen. Unknown to everybody living in the valley, the Power Plant's underground biomass had begun to grow in the cold, damp climate, and was slowly crawling out of it's pit. With this, the mutants are getting aggressive, territorial, and it stands only as trouble for every soul in the Lake Mead Valley.

Notable Locations

There are 19 visible buildings inside Boulder Cove.


Boulder Cove Police Department

Located at the entrance to Boulder Cove from Craterview is the Town's Police Department. The 2nd floor of the Building has been severely damaged after the flash, now lacking a rooftop. The 1st floor remains mostly intact, particularly the lobby and for the basement, which can be accessed through the defunct Elevator, is mostly covered in rubble. There is no power left in the Department since the Flash. The Police Department is the main headquarters of the United Front, a leftist organization.

Gas Station


The Lakefront Appartment Homes


Upbeat Game Studios


Boulder Cove Bank

With the assumption that the Bank had been robbed post-flash for economic purposes, the Bank no longer has it's former riches prior to 'The Flash'. It stands idle with 3 Offices and a reception area.

Unknown White Building

This was once probably a jewellery shop because of its architecture. Dug up, you can see that there were once riches within this white building. However, due to the 'The Flash', this was all looted by post-war criminals and/or Bandits who wanted to make a living off of Jewellery.

Pop's Barber Shop


Lawrence Neighborhood Hardware


Three Unfinished Buildings



Unknown Clothing Store


Flanaghan's Urban Apparel


The Gentlemen's Outlet


Unknown Electronics Store


Brookston's Organic Grocery Market


Computer Warriors


Boulder Guns and Ammo

Boulder Guns and Ammo is a gun store that was all looted after “The Flash”.


Shogun: Hibachi Express

Shogun: Hibachi Express is the town's Japanese Restaurant, located south of the Police Department. There is a copy of the The Great Wave of Kanagawa at the eastern edge of the restaurant.

Mi Casa: Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Mi Casa: Authentic Mexican Restaurant is, as the name implies, the Town's Mexican Restaurant, located between Shogun and Flanaghan's Urban Apparel to the left and Lawrence Neighborhood Hardware and an unknown electronics store to the right.



  • Boulder Cove is most likely named after Boulder City. However, the city is located in Nevada unlike Boulder Cove, which is located in Arizona, though Boulder City is settled both near the border of Arizona and near Lake Mead.