• ThangDaniel2003

    Alright, Listen to me! We can’t say anything that is offending in Wiki pages, adding something that looks like chad in ATF pictures are unacceptable! I follow rules, but the this wiki is unreliable! It’s just some basic or things, or even be an unofficial! Admins! Please delete the ChadTheCreator joke page, I will make a serious verion of Chad! Where’s other page ATF helpers, I need help with clean ups, undo vandalism, or explaining other people who didn’t know what AtF is! To be honest: The MEB and other veterans like Filthy_Moose, Admiral_Jean, and other fellow RPers... they are memers. This is not going well for everyone. I like Chad’s RP games and I have serious hatred on Filthy_ family right now, but I am quitting and retiring from WI…

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  • SomethingToDo

    Asia Diary

    November 23, 2018 by SomethingToDo

    After the flash...Just like yesterday ago, I remember when friend came back to Vietnam, back to North Korea, they help us out... But in one cost, to sell our souls
    to ACMF, (Asian Continental Military Force) who knew the friend Russia and China, would betray us to nuclear attack? I feel betray like they only care for our 
    resources and not what friendship we used to have. (I writting this as winter grows to North Korea) Don't worry though, we North Koreans rise up and formed
    our own new republic. We go to Turkey, China, hell even Russia if we need to. BECAUSE. WE. NEVER. GIVE. U-  I don't car-
    if I get cold, or I get sick by winter. I NEVER. EVER. GIVE. UP. I tell you, we formed mighty republic where freedom counted for. WHERE DEMORACY IS HAND…

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  • SomethingToDo

    Misc Facts N' Stuff

    November 17, 2018 by SomethingToDo
    • Did you know? That 2 in totally drinks be shown as canon, that is Atom Kick, "Dew". And if you count non-canon but known in-game one, than Game Over/Troll Cola exist.
    • Did you know? The common SEAL suit, real name is MK1. Maybe, really not confirmed that this is canon but, if you go to the game Mirage you know that SEAL suit is call, MK1.
    • Did you know? NATO, even though being big part of pre-flash canon, have only been show in one game. That game is  Deep Winter. This game still have clothes showing that, NATO refugees still exist. 
    • Did you know? Back inside ATF3, ATF4, the USCPF troop have markings on helmet saying "OLD SOULS MAKE GREAT SOLDIERS". (It kinda bit scary that this was not made by chad, but instead made by Roblox. The name of hat …
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  • JanTheDonut

    WOV 2 die

    November 14, 2018 by JanTheDonut

    i did this to another rp XDDDDDD

    they got no idea

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  • JanTheDonut

    no cluno club

    November 14, 2018 by JanTheDonut

    socially awkward people shouldnt be in a club where they have to try and not be socially awkward

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  • SplixxyKik

    This Needs to be updated

    November 13, 2018 by SplixxyKik

    So i was traveling through the wiki and is saw that some games were missing,like After The Flash:Mirage,and also i think that there should be a picture of each map so we can dowload and use it when we are playng.

    Just my thoughts when i saw it...


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  • SomethingToDo

    The crisis is more like civil war but still the issues is that civil war is fight to both fans and few comrades from Korea side to RSING what are the main fans in war it OLD VETERANS Vs. NEW ROLEPLAYERS these new roleplayers maybe not know all rules but half time they do try best well if you forget the whole Korean FRPER side but still and old veterans are one who will sometimes shit on them I mean they almost bad as RU3 community not blame old veterans but most of them become mod wannabes willing point every damn flaws in someone char and say how they godmodding and OOC shielding even half time they the ones who do that the new roleplayers came from No Man Wasteland or -22 And Dropping etc and think they can start roleplay but later the r…

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  • SomethingToDo


    September 2, 2018 by SomethingToDo

    welp guess i packed my bags i see i not welcome my useless facts and jokes are mostly hated by players and other ones just got grief on so freak guess time go *walk away to sunset getting some flashbacks of Fallout Fanon*

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  • Newmoscowatf

    So I am currently developing a fan made ATF game based in post war Russia in the ruins Moscow, referred to as New Moscow by the wastelands inhabitants. The game takes place 25 years after the flash. This will include multiple unique factions such as The Chernobyl Boys which are a faction of raiders and bandits with a common theme of the chernobyl disaster and things like that. (I will develop these factions more) Red Hand is a communist city state that occupies most of New Moscow and mimics the old Soviet Union and enforces communism among settlements and have an ideology that communism will save Russia. Kulaks (means pigs in russian) are ruthless raiders and murderers and are considered an enemy by all factions. Reply to this post with im…

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  • Mypeepeeissohard

    my pp

    July 20, 2018 by Mypeepeeissohard

    sometimes my pp breaks everytime i watch the naught stuff ;) 

    but sometimes, it looks at me and cries but it's wierd because it looks like salad cream ;(

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  • Youjustgotfixed

    I am proud

    May 18, 2018 by Youjustgotfixed

    You know for a second there I thought this wiki was just gonna continue it's ways..but no. Heh, funny, you guys saved Squirrels page, so for that, I shall repay (Even though Caadence wasn't really the best about it), it's time for Rekt to leave and Fixed to go ( I'm the same damned person don't think I won't just return for the fucks of it ) Don't ban me because the only editing I'll do here is reverting vandalism and shit, since this wikia really needs it..

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  • TheSquirrelOfIce

    A Solution

    May 10, 2018 by TheSquirrelOfIce

    It appears that the admins of this wiki are good for nothing dissaperers who fix absolutely nothing (Instead Deleting Everything Without Proper Reason Or Permission, Which Means Their Breaking Their Own Rules) and they dissapear again, I've even see a Minger himself (YouJustGotRekt) get tired of this shit and fix things himself, this wiki is fucking dead, you can't approve a fan faction (No matter how many timnes you post requests to view it) and you can't get in touch with anyone who can actually help, so now I myself am going around and fixing this damned wiki, we take a vote, if you want me to be an admin comment "+1" if you don't, comment "-1", I know I probably look like a child who just cussed an admin out and is now whining for admi…

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  • 73928393a

    It is 2130, and the PRT and MEB have taken almost all of the US's land. DEcorp has lost 150 of it's employes, causing it to to into bankruptcy, the RCO has had all of it's ships destroyed, the reds have been crushed as jack camacho had been killed first, then the commanders and generals, then they began raiding them, and for the USCPF almost all of it's troops have died, been wounded, went AWOL, or been captured, and finally, the department of civil defence has been pushed out of NY by the MEB. As NY was their main base of operations, almost all of the conventional DCD have been killed or prosucuted as terrorists. But the US had some tricks pof their sleeves, they had built 3 united reapers with one in shenandoah valley. When they were act…

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  • 73928393a

    Oh lolz

    April 11, 2018 by 73928393a

    Well I have 80 edits now RIP that one admin

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  • 73928393a

    just what the title says. Reply I guess

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  • 73928393a


    March 29, 2018 by 73928393a

    The guy from all star most likely survived. It is hinted when he runs into a burning building, runs out, and is unharmed. If that didn't harm him I doubt a shockwave could do anything against him. He could also defeat any muties by saying "and they don't stop coming" as that spawns 1000 of his fans armed with KSPs and lead by a fat hillbilly with a modified KSP. He could say that and easily defeat the USCPF and CDF with repeating that and using his donald trump card that summons him, he later nukes whoever is attempting to fight the person that summoned him. (i'm sorry for the super ebola)

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  • Master1200

    The Reign

    November 7, 2017 by Master1200

    Hello. I have my own roleplay on Discord called The Reign. I'm looking to start a wiki for it, and I'll post the Discord invite soon.

    DM me to join my server. Discord: I Wanna Die#9737

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    Welcome jumper, to the land of post nuclear admins, trolls, doge, etc. 

    Your budget is 1000+ CP. 

    • Drop-in (Free): You wake up with no new memories to guide or distract you. You know nothing but what you already know about the universe, assuming your character even plays roblox lmao

    • SEAL training (30 CP): 

    • Lightsaber (30 CP+): A red, cross guarded lightsaber forged by the mcfuckery of weapon packs. Can cut through basically anything except super SEAL armor. 
    • SEAL power armor (CP depends, free SEAL training): A suit of SEAL power armor, with a few variants. Check SEAL for detailed stats.
      • Jumpsuit (10 CP): the suit worn underneath power armor. It does not protect against any sort of bullet or plasma bolt, but it's comfy. 
      • Power armor (100 CP): A sui…

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  • Zombie30Hunter

    I play After The Flash because, it gives you a chance to express how you feel. So whenever i'm sad or mad. After The Flash cheers me up because, it gives you a chance to be something else. To not only just be you, but to be anything. When I play After The Flash with my friends I feel awsome. In real life for me the people around me right now, aren't so nice. And After The Flash makes me feel better. After The Flash is a amazing game. I will always love playing it. And I hope everyone else does to.

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    The Adventures of Sandy

    March 26, 2017 by THEJJRAT

    Sandy, an explorer from Alabama, went to wherever Sandstorm takes place to find gold and riches. 

    • Sandy: A traveler who's interested in gold, history, eggs, and technology. While he can be a hillbilly "Sweet Home Alabama"-singing pothead, he becomes seemingly friendly and intelligent when he's interested in things. Not including gold. 
    • Luis Jorge: A bounty hunter who quickly befriended the gold loving Sandy. 
    • Jeremy: Sandy's pet headcrab. 

    • Tylef: Sandy's second brother. Became a ghoul after drinking eight bottles of Nuka Cola. 
    • Can't remember the name: Luis' cousin. Drank three Bonk! Atomic Punches in one sitting. And lost his legs. 
    • Sandy's dad: A literal cow. 
    • Sandy's mother: a death claw. 
    • Gordon: Was mentioned by Sandy, to have found the map t…

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  • XxJordan.FlarexX

    My Roblox User

    March 24, 2017 by XxJordan.FlarexX

    Ok Hello My roblox User Is XxJordan_FlaexX OK I Play far Cry

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  • Wellcometomylife

    Fanon Wiki

    February 25, 2017 by Wellcometomylife

    Okay, I'm going to make it quick. I'm making a wiki were characters killed in the Civil War of Deep Six can be remembered. A memorial in a way. I you have a Deceased character who you feel like putting in for people to see who lost there lives in the war. Post them here:

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    My characters

    February 24, 2017 by THEJJRAT
    • Alpha (edgy scp oc) (Rain)
    • Gordon (scavenger who has SEAL armor becuz fruk lore) (Sandstorm)
    • Vlad (Slav who's friends with an ex-SEAL who somehow lived all the way to ATF6)
    • Taco Man (Sandstorm)
    • A mutant that I cant remember the name of, all the way back in the old ATFs
    • A robo seal spider, who's the pet of an ammo merchant in Docktown (Sandstorm)
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    Taco Man's Tacos

    February 24, 2017 by THEJJRAT

    ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lamo it's a blog I do whatever I want yes *vodka* Taco Man's Tacos is a company operating in Dock Town. It is owned by Taco Man, a mysterious Mexican from some other place. He once came to Dock Town, setting up a shop and selling free tacos to visitors.

    It was formed in 2069, when Taco Man visited Dock Town to buy taco meat. He decided to stay, setting up shop in that one store thing with the cash register. He regularly sold free tacos, but this was halted when he was robbed by "Taco Stealer". He fought off Taco Stealer, but lost a hefty amount of tacos. He sought tighter security, and eventually hired a guy wearing bunny ears to become his "Taco Chef/Maker". Taco Man then dubbed himself as Taco Seller, and sold free taco…

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  • ElChefofKekistan1


    February 8, 2017 by ElChefofKekistan1

    Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb In the shape of an "L" on her forehead

    Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running Didn't make sense not to live for fun Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb So much to do, so much to see So what's wrong with taking the back streets? You'll never know if you don't go You'll never shine if you don't glow

    Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid And all that glitters is gold Only shooting stars break the mold

    It's a cool place and they say it gets colder You're bundled…

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    After the Flash: Osaka?

    December 29, 2016 by THEJJRAT

    Is there anyway to still play this? The chat covers many features of the GUI (mainly the X button on the loot thing), making it literally unplayable. 

    Fix plox

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  • Thekelmap

    what the hell is a rad-x

    December 11, 2016 by Thekelmap

    Hi, For a while now I've been looking at the rad-x page and it's been quite annoying on how little information there is on the subject, I know there has to be more information within the games listed or some info said by the admins/developers however none of it is written down.

    I was wondering if anybody knew more about the virus and if so list a forum perhaps or something a admin said (try to make it verifiable) so I could try to work on the rad virus page.

    anyhow thats it. hopefully this page is not spammed with incorrect information or just ignored.

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  • SovietSyndicate

    I was thinking of making a Fallout game, but didn't give much interest to me so I decided to go back to another post-apoc series I've always liked, and I think an ATF in Seattle would be a great setting. I believe Seattle could've taken part in the supply lines between the Post-war US and Canada (as mentioned in the Radio on ATF: Rain) and considering it to be a coastal city with a large harbor I would really see it having an abundance of pre-war weapons making it a civilized place whether the right people got a hold of it or not.

    If it wasn't obliterated by the hellfire from the nuclear war, it could most likely hold a lot of ACMF Remnants and can also have a wide variety of different enviroments including downtown areas, harbors and pine …

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  • 007rutger

    Fanfac Ramblings

    August 17, 2015 by 007rutger

    So I've decided to write a fan faction lore.

    In 2042, about a decade after the flash, there was a man. This man was in a cold place, known as the Yukon. A former territory of Canada, it still retained national pride, and had flourished greatly in the postwar environment, despite the cold. The reason? It was small enough to be ignored by military planners, remote enough to be ignored by civilian bureaucrats, yet large enough to allow a provisional government to be set up while the radioactive rubble of Ottawa was shoved away.

    This man was known as John Winterstone. He founded this organization, the Northern Lights Army, or NLA, as a gang of sorts. Being a paramilitary group of former soldiers and other survivors, the NLA was seen by some as j…

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