Assault Kinetic Rifle

The AKR is a highly-advanced prototype that was put and supplied to the fronts before professional and official testing, it was a weapon made in rush from the ACMF-NATO War. The developers of this weapon was such known as ROMARM, a Romanian arms manufacturer. It weighed 8.7 lb (3.9 kilograms), had a kinetic-energy operation system of propelling the projectile, and fired the 9x19mm Parabellum. The way the gun worked was via a steel kinetic module at where the gas-operation system should be was implanted there, and a force of electricity and newtons soon forced the gun to fire, utilizing both gunpowder and the kinetic energy to propel it. The recoil was strong enough, and it was bulky. It was useful at tearing through and piercing armor, able to ruin 2" of welded steel plating. It was select fire, from a quad-burst, to semi and to automatic.


Stealth-purpose Assault Kinetic Rifle

It features the same traits of the AKR, but featured an integral suppressor, as well as having a thermal sight installed upon the rail.