Assault Kinetic Rifle

The AKR is a highly-advanced prototype that was put and supplied to the fronts before professional and official testing, it was a weapon made in rush from the ACMF-NATO War. The developers of this weapon was such known as ROMARM, a Romanian arms manufacturer. It weighed 8.7 lb (3.9 kilograms), had a kinetic-energy operation system of propelling the projectile, and fired the 9x19mm Parabellum. The way the gun worked was via a steel kinetic module at where the gas-operation system should be was implanted there, and a force of electricity and newtons soon forced the gun to fire, utilizing both gunpowder and the kinetic energy to propel it. The recoil was strong enough, and it was bulky. It was useful at tearing through and piercing armor, able to ruin 2" of welded steel plating. It was select fire, from a quad-burst, to semi and to automatic. Cannot be Sold.


Stealth-purpose Assault Kinetic Rifle

It features the same traits of the AKR, but featured an integral suppressor, as well as having a thermal sight installed upon the rail. Cannot be Sold.


The SCAR-XS is a Rifle Commonly used by the SLF from 2051 to 2056 & for the whole time it existed. It was commonly made with their 3D Printers in the Northern Arizona SEAL Production Facility in 2055 & 2056 along side GXT-10 Pistol’s & Ammunition, & before that Mk II SEAL Suits, Vehicle parts, & self-firing turrets.

The SCAR-XS fire’s 7.62×51mm NATO from a 20-round Box Magazine. It was also equip with a Laser-Flashlight Tool. It could be equipped with a scope.

Used by SLF Soldier


Cannot be Sold


The AR-15 is a Semiautomatic Rifle that fires the .223 Remington from a 15-round Box Magazine. It is commonly used by Wastelanders, Bandits, The CDF, & other small groups. It is uncommon in the world of after the flash, but it isn’t used by any large group like the SLF or the USCPF.

It cannot be equip with any form of mod, but does have a super Rare Red, White & Blue Skin Made for July 1st.


A good Stable one can be sold for about 5 US Dollars.


The VMI-D is a Bolt-Action Hunting Rifle used by Survivors all over the wasteland. It fires the 7.62x51mm from 10-round box a magazine. It is commonly equipped with a scope, & is used by Survivors everywhere. It is sometimes used by the CDF.

A Good Stable one could be sold for 3 US Dollars.

VMI-D Scoped



The HAXR._7.64 is a variant of a highly experimental rifle Made to replace the AR-15. It fires the 7.62x51mm from a 24-round Box Magazine. It is extremely uncommon in the Wasteland, just like the AR-15, but also like the AR-15 is semiautomatic & in high stock.

It can be sold for 10 US Dollars



The AK-47 is a Rare sight in the world of after the Flash, firing the Legendly 7.62×39mm from a 30-round M16-like Box Magazine. It is deadly to Mutants & Humans Alike, but sadly is not used by Any Major Faction. It is used by Wastelanders & some smaller Factions.

It can be sold for 30 US Dollars, that is if you can find one.


The Stakeout is a Superiority Common Short-barreled Shotgun, used by Wasterlanders everywhere. It fire 12 gauge shells, & can be loaded with up to 6 12 gauge Shells. It is not used by any major faction.

It can be sold for 5 US Dollars

Has Falling Shell!



The Valkyrie-45 is a somewhat common Automantic Rifle, used by no major Faction but Many Minor Factions & Wastelanders. It fires 45. ACP from a 30-round stick-like box magazine. It is extremely deadly to those to cross its path

A Good, Clean, Stable Valkyrie can be sold for 20 US Dollars.

Colt Canada C-8

The Colt Canada C-8 is a extremely rare assault rifle, formly used by the Canadian Military. It is used by wastelanders & Major Canadian Factions. It fires the 5.56x45mm NATO from a 25-round M16-like Box Magazine.

It cannot be sold do to its rarity, unless your in Canada where its way more common in which it can be sold for 50 Canadian Dollars.


The Scattershot is

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