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Assault Kinetic Rifle

The AKR is a highly-advanced prototype that was put and supplied to the fronts before professional and official testing, it was a weapon made in a rush from the ACMF-NATO War. The developers of this weapon were known as ROMARM, a Romanian arms manufacturer. It weighed 8.7 lb (3.9 kilograms), had a kinetic-energy operation system of propelling the projectile, and fired the 9x19mm Parabellum. The way the gun worked was via a steel kinetic module at where the gas-operation system should be was implanted there, and a force of electricity and newtons soon forced the gun to fire, utilizing both gunpowder and the kinetic energy to propel it. The recoil was strong enough, and it was bulky. It was useful at tearing through and piercing armor, able to ruin 2" of welded steel plating. It was select fire, from a quad-burst, to semi and to automatic.

Would be sold for a very high price if you could find one.


Stealth-purpose Assault Kinetic Rifle

It features the same traits of the AKR, but featured an integral suppressor, as well as having a thermal sight installed upon the rail. Identified by the white furniture it has. It is mainly in the US from the ACMF invasion of the US Coast in 2032. It was used pre Flash by ACMF special forces, but post Flash, it is a rare sight to see in the US wasteland.

Would be sold for a very high price.


The SCAR-XS is a rifle commonly used by the SLF from 2051 to the present day. It was made with their 3D Printers in the Northern Arizona SEAL Production Facility in 2055 & 2056 alongside GXT-10 pistol’s & ammunition, & before that MKII SEAL Suits, vehicle parts, & self-firing turrets. It has a version with a scope made specially for the MKII SEAL Suits, where it is able to show the enemy at a long distance, and much more, but without the SEAL suit, it is just a normal scope.

The SCAR-XS fires 7.62×51mm NATO from a 20-round box magazine. It was also equipped with a laser-flashlight tool. It could be equipped with a scope.


Due to it being the exclusive weapon of the SLF or SEALs, if you were able to get hold of one, you could be able to sell it for a very high price.


The AR-15 is a semiautomatic rifle that fires 5.56×45mm or .223 Remington (depending on rifle model). It saw major use preFlash by civilians and military forces alike, as it is one of the most iconic US weapons pre flash. Post flash, it is a very common weapon, used by civilians and factions alike due to its common nature, and being a very stable and well built rifle. The basic model has iron sights and no attachments, though it can be modded easily if you have attachments.


It can be sold for a good price due to its common nature, and being a good built rifle.


The VMI-D is a bolt-action hunting rifle that saw major production and sales across the US as people had thought they would use it in the case of ACMF invasion of the US homeland, it also saw major use by hunters before the Flash. After the flash, it serves the same purpose, sometimes used by hunters, others as a self defense weapon, it is a cheap rifle, and good as a starting gun for younger people starting out with guns. It fires 7.62x51mm rounds from a 10-round magazine.

Due to its common nature, it is sold for a very cheap price across the wasteland.


The AK-47 is a common rifle, being a famous rifle known to be reliable time and time again throughout the ages, it was used by militaries and underground groups alike before the Flash, even being used by some civilians. Its descendant rifles like the AK-16 were used widely (along with other AK models) by ACMF forces during WWIII and the invasion of the US. Following the Flash, it is known for being commonly used by wastelanders for it being common, yet powerful and reliable for years to come, though certain models are known for being cheaply made. Firing 7.62×39mm rounds from a 30-round banana magazine.

Due to its common nature, but being very strong and a good rifle, it is sold for a good, medium-sized price, by most arms dealers and merchants.


The Stakeout is a superiority common short-barreled shotgun, it saw major production and sales prior to the flash as paranoia of ACMF invading the US had risen, it was soon in many people's households. After the Flash, it is an iconic weapon used by many for its common replacement parts and reliability in close range combat.

Due to how common it is, it would be sold for a small price compared to other shotguns.


The Valkyrie-45 is a modification of the Valkyrie-9, 10, or 40. It involves changing the barrel and internals to fire .45 ACP. It's a somewhat common SMG since the original guns were created by DECORP pre Flash and sold a lot. It was very popular with security forces, as it's compact and small body made it easy to carry, along with using 45. ACP from a 30-round magazine.

Due to it being a very trusty and good built weapon, you could sell one for a pretty decent and steady price.

Colt Canada C8

The Colt Canada C8 was a rifle used by the Canadian military prior to the flash, which was very popular with Canada's NATO forces during WWIII, it is now a rarity in the US, and liked for its compact nature among rifles. It fires the 5.56x45mm NATO from a 25-round M16-like box magazine. Often seen with the C79 scope.

A rarity in the US as the years go on, and it's numbers dwindle, you could sell one for a very high.

Wasteland Blaster Scattershot

The Scattershot is a post Flash origin laser rifle, utilizing fusion to fire lasers giving a variety of burns. It was created mostly from scrap and lower quality materials, and is quite common across the wasteland, but do not expect it to last forever, as its cheap post Flash built nature means it is not the best built weapon. It fires lasers in a shotgun-like way, and is not lethal in close range, but will decently injure the target, depending on the severity of their burns.


The TSR weapon line is (for the most part) of pre Flash origin, created to replace most common line weapons in the US military. It is quite common post flash, as the iconic weapon was made in large amounts all over the US. It is the USCPF's main weapon of choice. The USCPF would later create the TSR-50, a post flash TSR model that would work very well in underfunded areas, being created with 3D printed parts.

The price would range depending on the model.


The TSR-28 is your standard TSR, the American gun. It's a mix of a battle and assault rifle, which eased logistics and supplies both before and after the Flash. It was standard issue and replaced the M4 and M16, firing the powerful 6.5 Creedmoor and Grendel cartridges. It was often seen with a variety of attachments, like scopes, flashlights, and grips, sometimes even an AL5 grenade launcher. It's very popular and common post Flash.


The TSR-29 is a carbine, which replaced the M4A1 specifically, taking over the close quarter combat role. It features a shorter barrel, a collapsed stock, and green furniture with lots of attachment points. It's very popular and has been seen with a powerful military grade shockbreach. Models found with shockbreaches may have been SF models, which could explain their black furniture they often have.


The TSR-DMR was created to replace guns like the M110 SASS in US military service. This model is equipped with dark green furniture, a bipod, a heavy barrel, and usually a high powered optic on top. It's not too common to see post Flash, the ones left have mostly been snatched up by factions.


A TSR-28 with semi fire marketed to civilians. Basically the AR-15 and M4, where the AR-15 is for civs and the M4 is military. Didn't sell too well but you could likely find one if you looked hard enough.

Aztec .32

Aztec .32

The Aztec is a very iconic weapon in the ATF universe. It has black furniture, with advanced features including the rangefinder scope, the magazine that is able to count the current amount of ammo inside, and a shockbreach above the barrel, which is able to tase people. It was created pre Flash by the weapons company named DECORP first as a military prototype until it was denied, then it was made specially for DECORP security forces, but following the Flash, it was quickly snatched up by factions all over the US, or being used by the famous DECORP mercenaries as their staple weapon. It would be quite hard to get one post Flash, if you are just a normal wastelander, though it is possible to find one. Only has a civilian shockbreach since they're all security grade models. Chambered in 5.56×45mm.

This rare weapon would be sold for a very high price.


The Mendel is a very popular weapon in the ATF universe. Having a pre Flash origin, it was created for the US military to replace most firearms by WWIII. It was a giant success. Some models even saw citizen use, it was soon even being used by police forces by the time of the Flash. it is one of the most common weapons in the ATF universe. You can usually see USCPF forces using this iconic pistol. it is chambered in 45. ACP rounds.


The standard military Mendel. A little bulky, but powerful. Fires .45 ACP a respectable distance and has clean iron sights with a built in flashlight. Black body and slide. Would be dirt cheap since it's so common.


Civilian grade Mendel. Has a light gray body with a dark gray slide and no integrated flashlight. Still fires the .45 ACP round. It's less bulky and is favored by many for that fact. Would be relatively cheap.


The Bendel is a sort of meme gun. It was a Mendel-C modified to have a light blue body and blue slide, and the muzzle flash is green, likely due to changes made to the internals to color the gases while they exit the barrel. It's still respectable. Could be sold for perhaps a little more than the Mendel-C.


A SOCOM variant of the Mendel-11. Has a threaded barrel with a suppressor, and a laser and flashlight module. It's often seen used by USCPF SOCOM on special operations. It's rare, and could be sold for a decent price.


A machine pistol variant made for downed pilots of the US Air Force. It has an inbuilt red dot sight and extended magazine, with a very light blue body and dark gray slide. It could be sold for a pretty high amount since it's rare and powerful.

It's prices vary depending on the model, but usually sold for a cheap price.


A weapon of pre Flash origin, its origin is shrouded in mystery. It is a very powerful sniper, chambered in .308 rounds, and has a rangefinder scope, along with a bipod. It is a very powerful and rare weapon, as its sight makes it a marksmen's choice.

Due to its rare nature, and its scope, it would be sold for a high price.


An advanced weapon of Japanese origin, the AKIRA-18 was created by the company known as "Vintech" as a weapon made to functionally disable flying drones and medium-sized electronic devices via a propelled EMP. After the flash, though, it is quite a rare find- even more so if you're not in Japan from where it was first manufactured.. It has little to no use to a normal wastelander due to its heavy weight, bulkiness, and unique ammunition to power it, though factions can usually be seen using it against drones of many varieties. Due to its rare nature and little use to lone wastelanders, it is better to just sell it factions such as the USCPF or SLF rather than keeping it.

If you are somehow able to obtain one, it could typically be sold for a very high price due to how sought after it is.