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Atom Kick is a canon drink brand featured in After The Flash 7. The drink comes in a bottle shaped as a typical atom bomb, hence the name. It is present in the older games by lore standards, but not in gameplay. This is because it is first featured in After The Flash 7. This drink is not to be confused with Atomic Kick, its counterpart from the Deep Winter timeline.

The price of one in After The Flash 7 is 3 cents.


The Atom Kick brand comes in these flavors:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Orange
  • Cherry
  • Watermelon
  • Lemon
  • Green Apple
  • Grape
  • Cranberry
  • Lightning
  • Gold


ChadTheCreator has confirmed there is more than one type of Atom Kick Factory. The Atom Kick factory present in ATF 7 is one of the three types of Atom Kick factories. The one present is a bottling factory. The two other types of factories not present are the glassware factory, where the bottles are made; and the mixing factory, where the corn syrup used to flavor the Atom Kick is made. The bottling and mixing factory send both their products to a bottling factory, where, as the name suggests, the Atom Kick is bottled. Once bottled and encased in their crates, they are sent into trucks to be shipped out.


  • steampunch, an ATF LPM, coined the name and drink itself.
  • In an Unannounced ATF 7 Early Access Roleplay, ChadtheCreator confirmed that Atom Kick would be a consumable in ATF 7.
    • This has proved to be true. As of December 28, 2018, every Atom Kick drink (excluding Grape and Cranberry) is scattered across ATF 7's map, and can be found in various locations. They are able to be used as consumable items. The event has ended, however.
    • Drinking the golden atom kick while moving will speed you up.