The FSC (Fancy Swinging Chaps) invent a time machine, and travel into the future.


The FSC bombs the hell out of The Elvis Fans, and the world is put into an age of societal collapse, and the world is plummeted into a nuclear winter. Mutants appeared across the globe 0.1 seconds after the bombs, infected with SWING-Disease and the more intelligent of them, known as Electro Swingers gather a horde of mutants, and start snobbishly telling the survivors about how they were born into the wrong generation and how refined their music taste is.


  • After_The_Music_Snobbs takes place.
  • The FSC make a camp around their crashed time machine.
  • TEF makes a bar on a bridge for all of the non faction affiliated characters to flock to and rot so we can enjoy our lives.
  • The Corsairs are formed, but immediately kababed because everyone hates them for no good reason.

DECorp is formed, and sits in a bunker full of LERC breakfast cereal forever.


  • After_The_Music_Snobbs:_White_Asians takes place.
  • A bunch of factions we don't care about are formed.
  • They have an orgy or some crap.


  • As evidenced by Jake Paul, God has come to reap the sinners.
  • New New York is built by The_KKK
  • bedrockman14 starts his career in cuntery, and gets banned on D6.


After_The_Music_Snobbs:_Desert_MCDonalds takes place.

  • Im tired.
  • The sun is voided for FRP.
  • Someone RPs as a rock, and trips everyone.
  • TEF saves us again, and makes a town on a dock which all of the non faction affiliated characters flock to and rot so we can enjoy our RP edge lord free.
  • The CDF wants their faction back.


  • After_The_Music_Snobbs:FRPer_Nest takes place.
  • RCO peeps get to show of their cargo ships.
  • Vote kick is removed, and the game is infested with FRP edge lord trash.
  • Chad gives RCO a fart in a bottle and tells them to ship it.
  • Th fart in a bottle industry takes off.
  • TEF makes another town for cIliana trash to rot in.
  • TEF mass produces farts in bottles in the Smashmouth Factory.
  • FRP, PRP, ERP, NPCing, Lorebreaking and Douchebaggery runs rampant.


  • FRP takes place.
  • Chad makes an interesting game with a interesting lore, but FRPers flood it.
  • TEF is corrupt, a puppet, and a military.
  • flocktoDW.gif


  • After_The_Music_Snobbs:RPer_Sanctuary takes place.
  • Good RPers can RP again.
  • Guys. CDF is in DW now.
  • TEF builds a town, but it actually functions as a town.
  • Oh crap, the air is a deadly laser.