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The Anniversary pack gives you access to three weapons, which were standard issue weapons for the USCPF in the 2040s


Tactical Service Rifle

There are many TSR Variants, so I will vaguely list them.


First 'TSR' series form, this is a slick-black polymer carbon SCAR-L and FAL mix. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, this is meant to be a long-range DMR, and is meant to be able to used at close quarters as well. It is select fire, excluding any form of burst-shots, and is a huge success on the civilian market.


A civilian sporting rifle variant of the TSR. This had a polymer plastic-fiber coating, a steel-finish barrel, and was chambered in 7.62 NATO. It was greatly reliable, and was used by the USCPF or any form of US military remnants until the date around the 2050's.


Arguably the worst TSR seller, this was highly anticipated. It was chambered in 5.56 NATO, had a steel finish and black steel coating on the gun, with a polyurethane wrapping coat around the gun. It was more expensive to manufacture than the other variants. It was mainly used by US Marines, and could be outfitted with a Shockbreach-395.


A gun that bought the world, this weapon was arguably a bestseller. It was sold to both the civilian and military market, as well as many variants to it, in which I won't list all, but include a 5.45x39mm version, a 7.62mm NATO version, a 7.62mmR version, a 9mm compact and smaller one, as well as an integral retical sight with an integral suppressor. Most have a black polymer finish.


Designated 'SGC-4' by the US Army, this weapon was a stupid choice. It had a wooden stock, fore end and pump, a steel barrel, as well as it was chambered in the expensive and rare 4-gauge Barricade. These came issued with a bipod attaching kit, and fired projectiles bigger than a 1700-era musket projectile. The US Army bought 1,600 of these. When the SEAL project came into place, the SEALs were assigned this, able to withstand and overtake the recoil.

Mendel 11

The Mendel-11 was a handgun developed by Colt, designating it the Mendel-11. This had a silk comfort-grip, a slightly extended barrel, and was a success on the military market. It fired .45 ACP, and was extremely reliable. It lacked an auto fire mode as the recoil would be unbearable.