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ATF Spinoff: Dreading Forces Lore:

We don't give a shit.

It's 2067 and id what's going on

Five years after the flash happened, one of the facilities went to shut down for their new project because somehow a sapien came into the building and ran into walls by driving some large truck, during this event, no SEAL was hurt.

And now, the game takes place in 2067.


The Isolation

Some kinda scrap town infested with sum damn fucking nasty creatures. Idk if they're blacks, jews, or mutants.

CDC Descendant Building

Big building. Lots of scientists.


Some kind of research facility researching big dick energy

But when the Flash happened, many people scavenge the area and it is right in the middle of the island.

T&BC Bunker

Basically a vault. This is the basic reason why the island is filled with random libtards and shitheads.

SEAL Facility [53]

Some kinda shithole with the number 53 on it. It's controlled by some extreme chadbots and super soldiers.

Mutant Den

Don't go there. Just don't fucking go.

Safer Home

A big house.

SEAL Facility [11]

The Entrance is closed because of its sad sad shut down.

Factions/Sub Factions


The USCPF have a strange intrest in the island, they learn that the SEALs own the island, and they wonder if they can take the ownership to themselves.

However, that won’t be the case. They will have to kill all of the SEALs on the island which is a large challenge because of their Thrusters, and they also have to get into their base. But the USCPF decided to make two bases, one is for Center for Disease Control Descendant Building and one is Safer Home which is a place to live.

The Isolated Ones

The Isolated Ones are high rank leaders of The Isolation, which is home to only Outcasts and Descendants. The Isolated Ones use to be experiments in the CDC Descendant Building and are now part of the Plague Town, The Isolation which is a place they built.


SEAL, The Owners of a island that they found. Mostly inside their facilities or training in Sunnyburg. Created the Thrusters.


The T&BC have created tunnels to different places during the flash, every two years they would finish a tunnel and a bunker each splitting. And remember that they created stations called “T&B Food Station” where they go to the surface, raid, then bring back food and leave the rest outside. Now they are seen everywhere and some are in the Bunker, but not many



Mutants don’t need explanation but they have a new type of mutant: Slinger.

A Slinger is a Mutant that has 60% of it’s skin gone to replace flesh to infect hosts.  The Host would have his/her’s chest be oversized and you could see the flesh of the host.

Unwanted Souls

The Unwanted Souls are a sub-faction that only exist on the island, they are said to be wearing their type of Mk suit. The Mk3: The Mk3 only has a arm which you can attach or detach, it acts as a claw. People sometimes call them the “Dreading Forces” because of most of them having severe burns on them.