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After the Flash: Mirage is the seventh game in the After the Flash series. Currently, Mirage takes place in Lake Mead, Arizona, near the border to Nevada, during the mid year of 2057.

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In 2032 a war sparked between NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and ACMF (Asian Continental Military Force). This war caused a massive nuclear exchange, wiping out the vast majority of the population in one fell swoop. This game's setting focuses on the day-to-day lives of the people settled in Lake Mead, Arizona, where conflict is boiling between the United States Civilian Preservation Force (USCPF), its allies, and the Southwest Libertarian Front (SLF).The current event, ( The Biomass Awakens) has introduced a variant of the RAD virus known as RAD C's. They are caused by the failed destruction of the biomass with the GCSA Serum. They are the newest rising threat in Lake Mead.

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Intro/Loading Screen ATF: Mirage (7)

The loading screen is a simple beige colored screen with "Loading" on the bottom left corner.

The loading scene begins in a city (most likely Las Vegas), with cars moving by, leaving or going to work, while a radio plays music. An ICBM flies over the distant buildings and detonates on impact with the ground and destroys the entire city.

The menu has returned to the classic imagery of the skeleton half buried in the sand by the old billboard, reading 'After The Flash:' and 'Mirage' in green floating letters. Accompanied by this, however, is a new character, who stands with their back to the camera; their cape blowing in the wind. this character is randomized on every game, as several different colored avatars have been reported.

Several different variants of the mysterious character on the menu

Factions of Mirage

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SLF: The Southwest Libertarian Front is a radical libertarian faction that believes that there should be no social programs and free trade. They are mortal enemies with the USCPF and their allies, and their popularity has tanked ever since the days when the Biomass infested Craterview’s crops and caused them to break off from the SLF and into their own independent government. Even more recently, the Artillery set up by the SLF were destroyed in a USCPF-CDF attack, damaging their strength and hold in the region. They have become more authoritarian, They're not the preachers of libertarianism but are possessed by it, they have become husks of anything besides a valedictory to old world politics leading to more of a sardonic tone with them becoming the very thesis they fight against.

Crimsons. a Small Group of Wandering Scavengers, not much more Known.

SEAL: The Synthetically Engineered Assault League are the remnants of a Pre and Mid-War Super Soldier program commissioned by the US Government. The soldiers were trained to operate powerful suits developed by Cerberus Dynamics and were to act as a utilitarian tool to military operations. The ACMF invasion of the East Coast came just short of the SEAL’s completion of training. The few nearly trained SEALs were deployed to the frontlines to repel the invasion. The ACMF, inexperienced in fighting SEALs, were crushed by them although a few pockets remained. After The Flash, the SEALs that remained wandered into the wastes to serve as mercenaries or traders, or to try and settle down. The USCPF conscripts any SEALs they find as well as attempt to seize their suit. In Mirage, the SEALs are treated by them no different, although the CDF does also recruit them if the SEAL desires.

CDF: The Civilian Defense Front was originally an organization founded by waste landers to help other waste landers so that the nation as a whole could improve and clear the ashes of the Flash in order for a new government to rise. In ATF: Mirage, they are closely aligned with the USCPF in opposition of the SLF, and previously resided with them in their base. The CDF have now since moved out and away from the GMC and into the recently abandoned mines, which were left behind by the now-dissolved Light Brigade. The CDF have since been attacked by the SLF, and have since moved out of the mines and decided to build their own scrap city, named Cliffguard for it’s castle-like appearance.

USCPF: The United States Civilization Preservation Force is focused entirely on returning the American government to the way it was pre-Flash. They are entirely focused on defending US land from internal and external threats, and they are extremely military-based and very xenophobic. They are long-standing enemies with the SLF and any of there allies, and have fought into two Campaigns against the SLF, such as the 2nd Lake Mead Campaign in 2056, which was a territorial loss for the USCPF but truly ended in a stalemate. The USCPF also attempted to re-habilitate USCPF convicts inside the base, though this proved unsuccessful and the 17th Sustainment Brigade was moved back into the region after their time at Las Vegas. The USCPF during the time also had a ceasefire with the SLF and CDF that sustained until December, with the USCPF ending the ceasefire by attacking and destroying the SLF’s artillery. A recent attack by mutants also destroyed the GMC’s .50 Cal MGs, severely crippling the defenses of the base and possibly sealing the fate of the USCPF. They're the eidetic image of the thing that has show it be nothing but unscrupulo and immoral.They seek the same holy grail as their inept pseudo anti thesis, they speak not in words but in actions which sharpens their rhetoric to a savage edge.Their morals are little more then a pseudo intellectual spiel.

CV Guard: The Craterview Guard is, or was, the defensive militia created to defend the town from any type of intruder by the Craterview Defense Board, a collection of decisions on the protection of Craterview made by its citizens. Formed around a week after Craterview gained Independence the 1st time, the CV Guard recruited various citizens and travelers to guard the town. The only distinguishing sign being a green armband, the guard recruits anyone, from SEALs to Soldiers. They used whatever civilian equipment they could get their hands on, and guarded Craterview for the following months until the events of the Onslaught Event, where the Craterview Guard was disbanded after the Coyotes seized the town. After it was re-claimed however, the guard reformed a 2nd time and continued to guard Craterview until the events of The Biomass Awakens Event, where the mutants assaulted and seized the town. A majority of the guard died defending the town as well as allowing its citizens to escape, and the remaining few joined the civilians at the various refugee camps and centers.

GCSA: The Goverment Civil Supply Agency, or known as the GCSA is a counterpart to the USCPF. The GCSA consisted of The FEMA, CDC, Domestic nuclear detection Agency, OHA, FBI, etc. This civil agency provide humanitarian aid across the country. The GCSA were formed because of the creation of the Preservation Act of 2033, the GCSA has several roles you could be in, such as Security/Transport, Engineer/Development, etc. Ontop of that, the GCSA has a subdivision called the Ecologist. The Ecologist were created in 2039, the Ecologist were made up of high-echelon scientists that work in the biological field that mainly encompasses RAD-X and other abnormalities that are correlated with the disease. The Ecologist consisted of The Overseer, Senior Ecologist, Researcher. There's also a role named Jaegers, they're by all mean, isn't part of the Ecologist nor GCSA itself. They're somewhat standard Mercenaries hired by the GCSA. Their job is to capture mutant subject, dead or alive. 


One US cent is equal to one US dollar, post flash. Bartering is still obviously viable.


Craterview Ruins

A traditional scrap town atop a mesa near the center of the map. This town was often used as a pitstop on the trade highway that runs on the map from East to West (South is the Lake). The town was once owned and governed by the CDF, but due to a schism with the SLF, it was banned from governing the town. It was now in its own city-state sort of situation, where a mayor (who lived in the tallest tower) oversaw its operations, while traders came and went. The town’s farm was large and productive, but had its own problems, leading to food shortages at times. The town’s water was piped directly from the lake, and it got its power from the solar field. The town was set up to cut its bridge and elevator in case of a siege, and it had enough supplies to keep a raiding party at bay for a couple of weeks. Almost a year ago, famine was caused by the winter, causing the town to get angry at the SLF, and murder the mayor, then a new neighbor (or a TLB) known as Aaron Bliss took over the town. Then, the Coyotes came and went, and the town was independent of all factions, with a ruling council. Currently, Craterview Has been Destroyed.

Boulder Cove

This is the remnants of a city that originally existed before the Flash. It is a collection of old, decrepit buildings. Mutants sometimes wander here due to it's proximity to the Lake Mead Nuclear Facility, and even more, mutants were seen in this area during the ATF: Biomass Event. This is mainly a place where you will see scavengers picking through what remains of the hardware in the buildings,.

Lake Mead Nuclear Facility

This was the place where the main facet of the Biomass was located. It is inside one of the main reactors of the Nuclear Facility and spans underground somewhat, along with large branches stretching out away from the center. This is the birthplace of most mutants, and the spores of the Biomass are so thick in the air that if you're anywhere near it, your gas mask or rebreather will likely be clogged up in under 5 minutes. This area is a certain death trap, and anyone who has spent even a second in Lake Mead will know not to venture there. Breathing in for only a moment is a definite infection. Due to the high number of mutants around, locals know to stay away at all costs. Recently, the tree has turned black and the mutants have all migrated to Craterview, leaving a black, charred husk of former mutant glory.

Atom Kick Factory

Due to a nearby mesa, this factory was also protected from much of the blast. This location offers a large shelter for travellers, however, its state-of-the-art (for 2032) manufacturing machines are stuck in place, an Erie reminder of how suddenly the world ended. The factory still has some sort-of-fresh batches of Atom Kick ready to sip.

Roadside Bar

This is located perilously close to the Goldfield Mountain Complex, but it is a popular spot for almost every type of person. Most times, people are just there to get drunk and have a good time, although you'll often see several bar fights occurring inside.

The Barge

Out on the lake, beside the destroyed bridge, there is a barge. This barge is owned by peaceful mutants infected with RAD-X. They live there and fish there. Sometimes they come on land, but it’s considered risky because there is a significant population of humans who would kill them if they knew they were infected.

Fort Ever Grande

This used to be a CDF stronghold but was shelled and cleared by the SLF in September of 2055. All that remains is a few scrap structures and most of the motel, which they used as a barracks. But rumor's have spread saying second biomass has appeared within the motel.

Fort Viridian

This fort is the home of the SLF. It has working lights, and a few of the showers, sinks, and toilets in the fort work due to the self-contained water pump. Fort Viridian has a medical room, a lounge, a barracks, an underground bunker, and many supplies and barricades. It survived the blast but lost plumbing to its upper two floors, as well as the kitchen, recreation room, and a portion of the meeting hall and cafeteria. The US Air Force nuclear silo field behind the fort is mostly spent, however, it’s rumored that one inactivated ICBM still sits in a silo. It’s believed that the nuke that hit the valley was targeting Fort Viridian.

Goldfield Mountain Complex

This bunker belongs to the USCPF, GCSA, and their own various branches and specialized groups. Following the SLF’s attacks on the USCPF, the remaining forces barricaded themselves inside this complex with sentry turrets, which are remotely operated from the lookout post in the mountain. These turrets were capable of shredding a SEAL suit. The bunker has recently installed a P.A system, which allows guards to warn approaching humans. The bunker is almost completely self-sustaining, however, its food ran out a handful of years prior and it now receives food carts from the subway tunnel leading to a USCPF fort near Las Vegas. After Fort Ever Grande was destroyed, the USCPF offered the CDF their vacant barracks room. The CDF have since moved away from the base into the old mines, and the sentry turrets have been destroyed by a mutant attack. Following 2057 the GMC is no longer USCPF property being run by the now rogue 17th. The blue sector is entirely caved in with the fate of the USCPF in the lake mead region being practically non existent for now.

Abandoned Mines

Originally built long before the flash, these mines were long abandoned before the flash even hit. Years of natural processes and the shock waves from the ICBM launched into the area have caused various sections of the cave system to collapse. The abandoned mines are currently occupied by the CDF after the group "The Light Brigade" vanished mysteriously from its premises.

Getaway Island

An old Mansion seated atop an island located off the eastern coast of the Boulder region. Filled with many luxuries that have long since stopped functioning, this locations is and remains a ruin that is picked over by explorers and even historians. Rumors of there being an exclusive club somewhere on the base of the island are common talk among frequent travelers, and even mutants can be seen hunting for survivors there. It is the landing point to make way for Outpost Island.

Outpost Island

The sister isle to Getaway Island. It was once used as a ranger station to patrol the waters and the nearby National Park, but it has since fallen into disrepair. Among it’s structures are an old command center as well as a control room, with a skeleton propped against the wall. Various old boats and vehicles mark the docks as well, and a common landmark is the old radio tower located at the south end of the docks. It is mainly empty, but another prospective choice for scavenging and discovery. It is somewhat North-Westish of Getaway Island.


A refugee camp turned Scrap City. Named after it‘s castle-like appearance, Cliffguard is as large if not larger than Craterview. The town is located where the CDF Refugee Camp once stood, and is as such controlled by them. (The CDF.) The settlement houses the remainder of the surviving citizens of Craterview, as well as various members of the CV Guard. It also serves as a HQ for the Civilian Defense Front, as well as a trading post and rest stop for any passing waste landers. The USCPF and GCSA are allowed in the town, and make somewhat frequent trips to it’s grounds. The city is divided into multiple Sub-Sections.

Fort Cliffguard

Locally known by the citizens of Cliffguard as the 'Fort' or the 'Citadel', and is this capitol building of said city. The lower levels act as an armory and defensive structure for the CDF, allowing them to hold off here if a mutant attack was staged at the city. The upper levels act as the command center of the building or the 'brain' where the CDF HRs do their work in managing the city and the CDF. Only the most powerful and influential officials in the town and region are allowed inside.

The Downtown District

This is the first district that any folk will enter upon coming into Cliffguard. This area is the designated commercial and market area, for trading and shopping of any variety. The new industrial elevator is used to allow high-value and heavy-weighted goods into the town without need of the entryway tunnel. Those that cannot afford said elevator are forced to use the tunnel and it's pathway. It is located on the East side of the town.

The Lower District

The most-visited area, the Lower District houses all living quarters and spaces in the town, and is where most people drop off to for a rest or a quick layover at a campfire. It is located at the South end of the town.

The Upper District

For higher class folk, the Upper District contains the more higher-priced living spaces. Often governmental or business topics are brought up here, and the wealthiest members of the town's society and class live in this very district. It is located on the West end of the town.

The Straits

Every town has to has the lowest class slum area, and Cliffguard is no different. Right on the outskirts of the main town, the 'Straits' are where any poor travellers who can't afford room and board go to stay. Various campsites and tents are set up for the folks living there, and is generally used by people simply taking a rest stop and whatnot. It is located on the Far West side of the town.

Cliffguard Farmlands

Of course, Cliffguard is also self-sustaining. The CDF forces here tilled up the earth and planted crops, allowing the town to be self-sufficent. Farmers often come out and work these fields in order to ensure the food supply of Cliffguard remains sufficient. Due to the onset of the mutants and possible banditry however, most Farmers are armed to the teeth when making their rounds in the fields.

The Resort

An island just east of Lake Mead Nuclear is a Pre-War Resort that is mostly unpopulated due to the island being a long swim or boat ride from the island, but it is still used very rarely from a boat on the coast of Lake Mead. It was mostly unaffected by the nuclear war, except from skeletons and some property damage. It is a very good spot for a settlement due to it being hard to get there and lots of spots for fortifications.


  • In an event that lasted from December 14th, 2018 to January 1st, 2019 (Versions -, the Beesmas Event, and thus, the Beesmas Obby, was added to the game for a limited amount of time. Completing both obstacle courses gave you the Beesmas Event Badge as well as the Patchwork Sawed-Off Drum-Mag TSR, the first fully automatic gun to be added to After the Flash: Mirage.
  • From January 11th, 2019 to March 1st (Versions - the Biomass Event occurred, following the mutated Biomass within the Lake Mead Nuclear Plant to fully expand east, swallowing the Myriad Encampment and the western half of Boulder Cove. Attending the Biomass Event gave you a limited time badge if you joined the game during that time period and a Hitman arm.
  • On April 1st, 2019, After the Flash: Mirage Version was released. A result of the April Fools update was a universal paradox that supposedly set the estimated time margin of the location into the 22nd Century, near the time frame of the predecessor game, After the Flash: Deep Six, during the Second American Civil War.