After The Flash: Freakwave is a game based upon the ATF4 darkness lore, set in the remnants of Seattle. The game follows the survivors who, adapting to their new dark environment, live on the remaining floating pieces of land that make up the remainder of Seattle. The oceans have risen due to the nuclear apocalypse, and in turn, there is very little land left, which the remnants have to fight over.


ATF: Freakwave had a fairly unstable and short development cycle, with the game being worked on in short bursts rather than any long periods of dedication to development. The development of the game was headed by ZeroClarkThirty and mauscop, with Magdump and O1Keraunos providing the primary hand in building, while r_aidmaster was the sole scripter for the vast majority of the game.

The game upon launch saw some initial success, but due to the rushed nature of the game, as well as a lack of general interest, the game died after a very limited number of startups. Less than a month after release day, it was announced in the CQ Studios discord that the game would not see continued development.

"Freakwave was put together very haphazardly over the course of a few months. It started as some cool lore that I wrote, and, obviously, I had no idea how to run a development team when things started out, but now it’s finished (to the extent we were able to do so). In truth, it’s more than I ever expected it to be in terms of what we actually got done, but the end result was fairly disappointing. We wanted it to be big- turns out we didn’t have the right ideas in mind. Developing Freakwave taught us a lot about how we should create roleplay games and run a community, and we want to move forwards now that we’ve learned those things. In order to cut out any disingenuousness, we want to lay down the bottom line now." - ZeroClarkThirty


Pike Place: A fragment of the remaining world, which is inhabited by raiders and used as a ground for killing. The majority of the market is underwater, but the iconic sign remains.

Edgewater: Arguably the most important and pivotal location in the game's short timespan, Edgewater is a small, rusted out set of boats floating in the Seattle waters. This location was the primary location of the few ATF:FW startups. This location was destroyed in a lore event, and was removed from the teleport menu, but can still be found ingame.

North Admiral: Remnants of two office buildings. Never saw use ingame. In lore, was inhabited by the CDF and used as an operating base.

Solidarity Commune: Three massive towers with some included interiors. Most notably, this is where the developers hid small tidbits of information about themselves inside of one of the interior office areas. Added later in development.

Comet Hill: A set of several flooded out skyscrapers, with the Seattle Needle still prominently on display.

Shown in the picture is Comet Hill, with the Seattle Needle on display.

U.S.S. Arising: A military ship. Never saw usage ingame.

Roe Market: A relatively large market area, placed on top of a sky scraper along with a few remaining buildings near it. Never saw usage ingame.


The game was based upon the ATF Darkness lore, and so was set after nuclear explosions had caused a permanent darkness in the sky due to layers of ash in the atmosphere, as well as a permanent nuclear winter. ATF: Freakwave started out with a few startups, mostly remaining


CDF: The CDF, widely controlling most of the remaining United States, sent a small scouting party out to the Seattle area. This plot point was never developed further.

Comet Hill: Aggressive defenders of their land, they tend to trade with the survivors in Edge Water and have constant skirmished with the Pike Place raiders.

Edgewater: As the producers of most of the area's food, they are left relatively untouched as they leave themselves to a peaceful life of farming and scavenging in the flooded wastes.

Patriots: Remnants of the Pike Place area, they are nationalistic raiders who see themselves as the only faction ready to take control of Seattle. They are very hostile, and never saw action.

Juno: A defunct faction that was meant to have a later, more important plot point, but never had the chance to become relevant to the story.


  • It is a joke in the community that the primary scripter for the game, r_aidmaster, was recruited due to another member of the community, Yognaught05120, who walked up to r_aidmaster in the middle of their class transition in real life and suggested that r_aidmaster work to create ATF Freakwave.


Work was started on a sequel for Freakwave, named "Sundark." Ultimately, however, this failed, and a development restart begun. There was a second attempt that began around the start of 2020, but fell apart by May, in which ZeroClarkThirty announced his retirement from CQ Studios.


This one's for you, Clark. - r_aidmaster

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