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After the Flash: An Hour is an ATF spinoff game / Fan Installment that takes place

An hour before the Nuclear war, It was created by █████.

It takes place in the year 2032 on the 2nd of November, at the exact confirmed time of

1:08 PM.


ATF: An Hour takes place in a small town named Warbury, Located in Indiana.

Notably, Warbury has it's own Command-Center which includes 3 Silos.

Here we have listed more of the most notable locations of Warbury:

Warbury Command-Center

Like said before, The Warbury Command-Center is quite important for the game's lore.

The Command-Center includes 3 minor silos. The name of the Center's Director is also known

It is thought that the Director's name is George S. Ferri. The Warbury Command-Center likely

fired off it's Nuclear Missiles after the Nuclear War had started.

Warbury Police Station

The Warbury Police Station houses the WPD, The Station operates as the main hub for Warbury's

Emergency Call's for all of it's Emergency Services. The Station houses 83 actively-sworn officers for it's Police Force,

It's not much but it manages to combat crime!

Warbury Fire Station

The Warbury Fire Station just like the Police station houses Emergency Services, Of course the WFD.

The Warbury Fire Station houses 159 active Firemen, who can combat any fires or help with countering disasters to do with Water, Electricity, Fire, etc.

The Station sees some history to it, Having been established in 1856 it had housed many chief's, The Portraits of these chief's now hang on the wall's

of their station collectively.

Warbury Community Clinic

The Warbury Community Clinic is a small community run clinic, It uses many volunteers and has a separate section for animals.

You can notice the building because it has a large cross on the front of it making it noticeable from a-far.

Warbury Garrison

Warbury is known to have it's own garrison. Within the game a line of military vehicles can be seen jammed in traffic on the main street,

These may belong to that said garrison. The Garrison has it's barracks just out of town, Where many things like arm's and food supplies are stored, These barracks even include a Fallout Shelter if totally necessary.