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Background Lore

The story starts in late 2032, after the nuclear war which occurred between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Asian Continental Military Force. All civilizations across the world were destroyed within minutes as hundreds of millions were incinerated in nuclear fire and billions more died from the radiation sickness, anarchy, and horrid living conditions which ensued. Most of the world had been turned into a radioactive wasteland, but as humans so often do, they survived this war albeit as an endangered species with a tendency to kill itself off over the smallest things. During this time, the United State Civilization Preservation Force was created, followed by the Civilian Defense Front. The USCPF are dedicated to eliminating the mutant threat, restoring the American civilization back to power, and to rebuilding the once great nation of America. The CDF was formed a few years after the creation of the USCPF. The goals of the CDF were simply to protect and aid civilians.

Main Factions

Each game in the series has its own list of factions, but the main and most constant ones are described below.


The United States Civilization Preservation Force is the official military and public face of the United States of America. Created in 2033, it is tasked with restoring the American Civilization to the wasteland of North America and maintaining the pre-flash American way of life. Throughout the decades, the USCPF has gone through many reforms and changes in order to meet the many threats of the post-apocalyptic wasteland. It is the most well supplied and trained faction in all of North America, rivaled by no other single military in the world. By the events of ATF 5, the role of the USCPF has drastically changed from one of peacekeeping, reunification, and the preservation of civilization to that of conventional defense from external threats. In ATF 5 and Deep 6, the USCPF is simply referred to as the "US Military."


The Civilian Defense Front was founded in the mid 2030s by civilian survivors seeking to lead other refugees to a better, safer life and to a new nation created out of the nuclear ashes. Consisting of loosely united local militias with scarce equipment and training, the CDF proved to be adequately, if barely, capable of protecting its citizens from mutants, bandits, and other threats. It maintained friendly relations with the United States of America and was in the process of reintegrating into the nation when a rebellious cell of CDF backed by the MEB launched a massive coup which purged pro-American elements of the CDF. Founding the new nation "The People's Republic of Tidewater", the CDF morphed from a group of local militias to the full-blown conventional military of the PRT. By the events of ATF 6, it is simply referred to as the "Army of Tidewater." Next to the MEB, the CDF is the USCPF's Southern counterpart and greatest rival.


The Asian Continental Military Force was a strategic coalition made up of India, Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, and North Korea. The ACMF was one of the main belligerents of the Third World War, staging incredibly costly invasions across the world against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The most notable of these invasion sites was the Southern United States. The fighting near the invasion sites was brutal and saw the ACMF suffer severe losses which were far greater than those of the Americans. Nonetheless, the ACMF continued to advance deeper into American territory until the Flash effectively ended the war. Much of the invasion force was immediately incinerated, leaving nothing but a few isolated pockets of soldiers across the Southern United States. Left without orders or contact with their homeland, these soldiers are united by a single goal - to survive and continue their legacy. Although the ACMF is one of the series' most hostile and isolated factions, their remnants have almost completely died out by the events of ATF 5.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization are the opposing faction for the ACMF, but after the war, it has the same goal as the them, to survive. NATO was the main belligerent in the ACMF-NATO war, and is a strategic military alliance in the ATF universe. The organization is now, much like its ACMF adversary, a remnant of its former self due to the events of the flash. However, much of the pre-war equipment is still retained by NATO descendants, and this combined with their upbringing of military training results in a effective and capable force, although many members are isolated from each other.


The People's Republic of Tidewater is a Brazilian Puppet created by the Maior Exertico Brasiliero and the Citizen's Defence Force during the second American Civil War (or the Atlanta Crisis). It controls much of the American deep South and American midwest. The People's Republic of Tidewater is Socialist and does not have any states, unlike the United States.


Maior Exército Brasileiro is a Brazilian faction in ATF 6. Though little is known as of right now, they seem to play a much larger role in ATF 6 than previously suspected. Allied with the PRT, they also own the hidden Observation Outpost on the outskirts of Southside.


Not a "faction" per sé. In the later games (Rain and Deep Six), very few mutants remain due to the RAD-X vaccines. In Deep 6, Mutants often reside in the sewers.

Official Fan Factions

The following factions are permitted to be played in their respective ATF games; this is not an exhaustive list.

The Dwellers


The Jackalopes

The Jackalopes are a greaser gang formed by a single man named Jack, they offer escorts across the wasteland as a way of receiving money.



The Scroungers Cross