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After The Flash Scranton is a upcoming After The Flash spinoff created by WilsonThe_Creator set in the remnants of Scranton, Pennsylvania in the year of 2050. After The Flash Scranton was first created in late 2020, and building started around January of 2021. After The Flash Scranton aims to re-create the feeling of the older (and better) After The Flash games by taking inspiration from it's building style and using some of it's models. ATF Scranton is best described as a mix between Deep Winter and Deep Six and offers a fresh view of the Post-Flash world with 6 original factions and 1 fan faction. ATF Scranton also offers a new location never touched by any After The Flash games and offers a view of the world never seen before. ATF Scranton is expected to release by August 1st, 2021.


After The Flash Scranton has 9 official factions, they are listed below.

  • United States National Continuation Force (USNCF)
  • Socialist Republic of Lackawanna (SRL)
  • Asian Continental Military Force (ACMF)
  • Throop Autonomous Zone (THAZ)
  • North Atlantic Treaty Origination (NATO)
  • People's Resistance Army (PRA)
  • Scranton Police Department (SPD)
  • Scranton Patriot Army (SPA)
  • Mutant Quarantine Zone (MQZ)

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