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After The Flash: Sandstorm [Reimagined] is a redesigned version of After The Flash: Sandstorm. It was made to more 'fit' ATF: Rain's style of design. Classic places, like Docktown,Rockport and Tracktown have been remade.

After The Flash: Sandstorm Remastered was made to fit Rain's style, with new areas, familiar ones, remastered morphs, and more, this is a true tribute to the original. 


ATF Sandstorm Reimagined has its own loadup screen, and customization screen. There are more weapons and more features than the old one had.

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Loadup screen

Background Lore

In 2026, global war erupts between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and its parallel, the newly formed Asian Continental Military Force (ACMF) consisting of countries like North Korea, the New Chinese Empire, Russia, Turkey, and Iran.

Rockport City was the tech capital of the US, on par with cities like Dubai. The city was a hotbed of activity before the flash, with anti-war protests and terror attacks. The area was targeted for invasion in 2032, and eventual nuclear destruction. The railguns at the coast guard base were able to shoot most of the incoming warheads down, however one struck the suburbs south of Rockport, killing many and leaving the city relatively untouched.

Naggsville is a different story. The residential area of the town was largely destroyed by the ACMF invasion. By the time of the flash, most of the town was abandoned, and many of its original residents have never returned. The area takes most of the onslaught of the October hurricane season, but has withstood the test of time better than areas like the Outer Banks and Ocean City, Maryland.

The current year is 2067, thirty five years After the Flash...


-United States Civilization Preservation Force:

The most supplied group in the wasteland to date, the USCPF was created in 2033 and has ties to the old US Government. Any location they own or operate in utilizes heavy security to offer a safe haven for the remaining populace.

The USCPF presence has been seen in the Rockport area since the organization's establishment. The surviving military forces in the area held out at the Coast Guard Air Station Rockport, merging with the USCPF when communications were reestablished. The Florida state head quarters of the USCPF is set up mere miles away in the old Moore International Airport. Despite their humanitarian actions and patriotic background, many blame them for the current world or for their harsh "treatment" of RAD-X infected individuals. Rumors have circulated that the USCPF are sending out patrols to find possible information on a long lost project...

-Civilian Defense Front:

Considerably less supplied then the USCPF, the CDF are experts at making do with what they have and salvaging for what they don't. Formed by civilians; for civilians, those under the CDF’s signature yellow banner are always willing to lend a hand to fellow survivors.

The CDF lacked a real presence in the Rockport area for some time, struggling to hold outposts inside the city. That quickly changed after the purchase of what would soon become Dock Town from the USCPF. Support for their cause exploded, with Dock Town soon becoming the largest scraptown in the area, if not the whole state. The CDF's helpfulness to survivors and their willingness to assist RAD-X infected, albeit cautiously, lends them great popularity among wastelanders. Recently the CDF has been frantically scavenging for a item lost in time...

-Asian Continental Military Force:

The surviving remnant of a once powerful  foreign military, the operatives left were involved in a fatal coastal invasion of the US. The invasion may have been the spark that set off the nuclear exchange, and so most surviving US citizens blame the ACMF for the world they live in now.

While most of the members of the ACMF’s invasion force abandoned the cause and attempted to slip into the local populace or outright died, some kept their uniforms. Managing to carve out a chunk of land for themselves in a McDonalds. Most wastelanders outright avoid contact with them, a sentiment the ACMF share. Despite their significant presence, the USCPF commonly claims they lack the "time" or "resources" to outright eradicate the ACMF, but that could change at any moment.

-North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The coalition of countries dedicated to the defeat of the ACMF is only a mere shadow of what it used to be. NATO fought valiantly to defend its countries from ACMF occupation, especially during the Gulf Invasion. Survivors and wastelanders alike blame NATO as much as the ACMF for the situation they find themselves in today.

Most members of NATO that were stranded in the US decided to join the USCPF, seeing that there weren’t any better options or friendly faces in the ruins. Still, there were splinter cells of deserters that chose not to. These groups often resorted to looting and raiding using their superior technology. Like the ACMF, most of these groups have died out.


Genetically mutated cerebral interface virus-human hybrids viewed as either unfortunate fellow survivors or disgusting abominations by the unaffected population.

These people are afflicted with the Radiation Accelerated Disease whose effects are classified by a number or referred as a whole with the designation “X”. After the Flash, RAD-X is now widespread and severely affect the wasteland. Those afflicted by it are split into easily identified types classified by the changes to their bodies, such as discolored skin and enlarged limbs.

-Synthetically Engineered Assault League (SEAL):

A government black project that was kept hidden from the public until the few hours before the flash. Soldiers who were selected for the SEAL program consisted of Navy SEALs, Delta Force, Green Berets, and many other elite units. These soldiers were given chemical treatments to be able to use their legendary SEAL exo suits. The project however was never completed and only saw operational use during the Gulf Invasion of the US.

SEAL lost all of its organization after the catastrophic events of 2032. Only recently has the group regained an identity in the Rockport area. SEAL sticks together due to a shared mentality of objectivism and strong dislike for the USCPF, CDF, and ACMF. The group in Florida is currently believed to be led by a Super SEAL, though no one has ever seen them or lived to tell about it. They currently are seeking out a device that they believe will be able to destroy all their opposition, though what this device is remains a mystery to most....


Simple, un-associated travelers. Towns owned by wastelanders prefer to remain independent, but may choose a side voluntarily (or involuntarily) if situations arise.

Side Factions

-Raider Gangs:

As a result of the lawlessness and anarchy of the United States after the Flash, roving gangs of merciless raiders, looters, and thugs took hold of key infrastructure. Each group wanted their own piece of turf and no one was allowed to stand in their way. Even with the popularity and power of groups like the USCPF and CDF, raiders still wrestle over control of locations of importance, sometimes even unifying to go toe-to-toe with the bigger factions. As a way of identification, many take a signature style of appearance, usually referencing their backgrounds and origins. Rockport itself is a battleground between six major gangs, who only stop their infighting to unify against attempts by the CDF or USCPF to bring back law and order inside the city limits.

-The Ballers:

Clad in blue and wearing the signature paintball headgear they're named for, the Ballers are a relatively new raider gang. Despite this, the gang easily holds their own against the others, likely due to their high levels of aggression. They take what they want when they want or die trying.

-The Truckers:

Originating elsewhere in Florida, the Truckers are the result of good people meeting hard times. Resorting to banditry to beat back starvation, they found this lifestyle more appealing than living in squalor under CDF scrap towns or the authoritarian USCPF. They are identifiable by their orange clothing and signature baseball cap-bandana combination. While antagonistic against CDF and USCPF personnel, Truckers tend to be sympathetic to the unaffiliated wastelander, preferring to rob people blind rather than putting them in the ground.

-The Mudmen:

Rumors surround the members of the Mudmen, as their presence is barely seen in the City limits. Rarely confronting anyone, those who have seen them describe rag covered humanoids, with all but their eyes concealed. Supposedly, they are descendants of mutants, many of which took part in the revolt at the CDC offices. As such, they despise the USCPF, and rarely come into contact with others for fear of backlash due to their disfigurements and impairments as a result of RAD-X infected parentage. Likely because of the ACMF's hand in causing their impairments, the Mudmen that have been seen are usually attacking ACMF.

-The Gators:

Unlike the other raider gangs who are products of the world they live in, the Gators source themselves in the later years of the 2020s. Their original members consisted of anti-war radicals and anarchists alike. The Gators numbers swelled as US citizens began protesting and infighting due to discrimination against people who had descended from ACMF countries.When the missiles struck in 2032, they blamed the NATO alliance, believing the US had fired first, as its willingness to use nuclear arms had been shown prior in the Korean Conflict. Nowadays, the Gators consist of anyone with a vendetta against the US. As such, they lie in wait, constantly ambushing the USCPF whenever they attempt to establish a foothold in the city.


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-USCPF Pre-War Coast Guard Base: The old Coast Guard Air Station Rockport was briefly taken over by the US military in 2031, with experimental rail guns built along the coastline. Those rail guns proved necessary in 2032, where they managed to stave off most of the ACMF’s signature MPD troop carriers and a few nuclear warheads, until finally being knocked offline. The USCPF repaired the railguns, and now use the buildings as their local outpost. The CGB is likely the most secured area in the Rockport Area.

-USCPF "Gullet Bar": Originally a ferry to the USCPF dock that eventually became Dock Town, the Gullet Bar is open to both locals and USCPF operatives. The boat in the back is still used to trade with Dock Town and the piano makes the Gullet Bar the best place to relax.

-"The Shaft":

An interstate highway that led to the Moore International Airport; a NATO convoy took cover inside of it during the invasion. After the flash, they used their vehicles as makeshift shelters, eventually forming a scrap checkpoint. The aged remnants remain there, coordinating with the local USCPF. The checkpoint is used to check incoming caravans and keep track of them.

-USCPF Territory Gates:

The local USCPF Checkpoint; the GCSA operates out of a supply tent just behind its guard towers. Wastelanders seeking help are commonly found outside, and are usually allowed inside the territory.

-Dock Town:

Built by the CDF a year after the nearby land was bought in 2055 from the USCPF. Originally a simple supply dock for the previous owners. Now it's one of the largest scrap towns in the state. With up to 6 floors at the highest point and plenty of shops, Dock Town is always bustling with activity.

-The Seabed:

The old Rockport Aquarium. CDF used to camp out inside its intact walls, but it's proximity to the ACMF meant it was soon abandoned in favor of Dock Town.

-Radio Tower:

A pre flash radio station that went by the name of Sunburned was housed here. The original station started in 2024, and restarted in 2046. The radio station still plays the old pop songs that people were listening to over 30 years ago. The original owner occasionally makes his way back to the building, spreading news and music as he goes.

-CDF Territory Gates:

Old gates bought from the USCPF from the same purchase as the land around Dock Town. The gates have fallen into disrepair from the lack of proper repair tools while the CDF prefer to simply guard the entrance to Dock Town.


The remains of the once proud city. Rockport was one of the first cities to come under attack by the coastal invasion before the Flash promptly ended the ongoing firefights. The unaffected area contains the remains of old US warmachines. Nowadays, the city is still a warzone with numerous raider gangs fighting for control; even as the USCPF and CDF both attempt to gain a foothold inside the city limits. There are many iconic landmarks in the city such as the ruined condos, Club Chrono, and the Horizon General Hospital.

-The Bank:

The Rockport Bank of America; now occupied by CDF as an outpost. At some point in time, a subway train managed to crash into the vault and allowed the CDF access to the subway tunnels, away from prying eyes.

-The Rockport City Police Department:

The RCPD is a sad reminder of what was. The police department sent out most of its officers to assist the army in their evacuation of Rockport. President McCormick was in Rockport himself, reading to school children to help boost his ratings. As the EMPs went off, the president’s UR-20 was struck down, crashing into the police station. The officers who made it back to the police station immediately set up defensive measures around it to protect the president. After a year or two, the police station collapsed into chaos, with rioters outside eventually breaking through the barricades and LRAD systems. The fate of the president is unknown and most of the police officers died.


The original FOX news building was a major part of Rockport’s skyline. It housed the news agency on its upper floors, while the lower floors consisted of the Rockport Stock Exchange. The building is now a popular raider hideout now with snipers posted on top of the decrepit FOX News sign.

-The Marriott:

Rockport city's very own hotel and cafe; renowned for its 5-star experience and the indoor pool. The building was relatively unscathed in both the invasion and the Flash, except for a hole in the roof of the main lobby. The CDF quickly established an outpost inside during the early days. Unfortunately, those inside were eventually overrun by bandits, with survivors fleeing to the bank.


The remains of a once favorited vacation town. Heavily bombed in the invasion, the ACMF had just begun landing additional troops when the EMP waves and distant nuclear explosions swatted down both their aircraft and hopes of ever returning home. In present day, Naggsville is split into two sectors; the business sector and the living sector.

-Refinery Indigo:

A glaringly, obvious reminder of the USCPF's capabilities. The plant is capable of importing crates full of scrap metal and exporting metal plating. The USCPF uses refineries like this one to quickly reclaim material, allowing for fast paced rebuilding efforts. Operated and run by USCPF troops, local factions can purchase the newly refined metal. With reinforcements ready at the local CGB, the refinery has managed to avoid any significant attacks despite its proximity to both the ACMF and mutants.

-Naggsville Public Library Mayoral Shelter

The Naggsville Public Library was a common spot for local citizens to take out books and do research. Unbeknownst to the public the Mayor of Naggsville created an underground bunker in the Library using taxpayer dollars. The bunker’s purpose was to ensure the longevity of the mayor as well as to preserve history. The bunker contains a virtual library of over one million books stored in a single server. The mayor never made it to the bunker due to the ACMF invasion and military blockades. The bunker wasn’t discovered until 2065 by the SEAL. They currently reside there in secrecy way from the other factions.

-Track Town:

One of the few independent scrap towns left in the area, Track Town is centered around the impact site of a pre-flash US Navy Inter-Atmospheric Insertion Ship, which had been heading to Rockport as a reinforcements and resupply vessel. Knocked out of the sky by a nuclear detonation, it crashed directly into railway tracks. Stranded survivors from a train crash further along the tracks made their way to the crater and have lived in its shadow ever since. Rumors are going around however that the ship was carrying something very important to help repel the Gulf Invasion of the US. There are also legends of another ship that was stuck in space heading to the Mars settlement, though no one can confirm this.

-Abandoned Mansion:

The retirement home of a world renowned biologist. Called upon by the USCPF to help research the new RAD-X pandemic, he left his home unattended. After the revolt at the offices, his "patients" took revenge. The house sits empty now, open to any traveling through.

-CDC Offices: A pre-flash Center for Disease Control office. The USCPF occupied the building, utilizing the leftover supplies to begin experimentation on RAD-X mutants in search of a cure or vaccine, but their "treatment" efforts proved too harsh, and the facility was lost in a "containment breach". Mutants and their descendants now roam its corridors, unified in their hatred of the USCPF. While rumors surround its current conditions, very few dare to even walk near it and none dare enter it.


A staple of American industry, McDonald's restaurants were found across the United States. After the Gulf Invasion, many of the ACMF were stranded in the southern US. While many tried to hide their identity in fear of attack and prejudice, some decided to band together. Some of the soldiers who banded together ended up residing at Naggsville’s McDonald’s. The ACMF’s resilience has led them to hold that position for over 30 years now.