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Warning: This is not a official game, it's a spin-off game. Created by qbot, CinnabonBagel, NewVegasBlues, and other Project Nekruiene Developers. It settles in Alternative timeline of Lativa.

(This RP game and project is semi/non-canon. Deletion will be made if anyone wants this page dead.)

Adopted the ATF: NEK docs and Lore.


Before "The Flash", Estonia's military and Defensive Force High Command initiates "Spectral Program" and their goal is to create highly trained stealth operatives, utilizing experimental cloaking technologies, and energy weapons. In the year 2026 during the fall or winter, the United States and Latvia made a joint with Estonia for the Project.

The exchanged between the United States and their allies: NATO, and their enemies: ACMF. Brazil, Canada, Japan, America, United Kingdom, and other nations were caught in a nuclear fire. NATO sent to Americas to defend from the ACMF invasion were cut off while the main army in Europe were still fighting the ACMF even after "The Flash".

Now in 2037 during the Nuclear Winter era, the fight and the cold continues on...


NATO Remnants

While NATO soldiers in America were trapped and Isolated, the NATO remnants in Europe were sheltered in the former Police Department and continue fighting against an on-going Russian Remnants and other threats such as mutants. (In the Lore, it was said that NATO shot first, followed by ACMF in retaliation.) No US international support, aid, or army were there due to US concentrating their own home country.

ACMF Remnants

ACMF formed in 2020 for Military Alliance, their goal was to Invade America, Japan, and Europe. By the time of "The Flash", the ACMF armies were destroyed. Russia, China, and Iran were hit by NATO and US missiles. It was a growing threat to NATO and other wastelanders, they surged a Activity that is very unknown to others.

ELCNAF Remnants

The Estonian-Latvian Commonwealth's National Armed Forces Remnants was formed before "The Flash", they were a united Commonwealth who fought against the Russian Federation soldiers.


Police Department

The Police Department previously owned by pre-war Latvia law enforcement, now own by NATO Remnants as a Shelter to their soldiers.


The Metro is a underground metro train station which is changed to a shelter and storage place for people who are wastelanders.

Fire Station

The old Fire Station now occupied by the ACMF made it a threat to NATO due to a few mile or longer from the town.