• In 2032, the world was consumed by nuclear war. For the next decade, a nuclear winter enveloped the Earth. The majority of humanity died during this period of time from starvation and disease. Many of those who managed to find food and avoid disease died fighting over what was left of the world.
  • The year is 2056, Lake Mead, Arizona. The CDF, a fraction of what they once were, have been forced into cooperating with the USCPF, taking refuge in the Goldfield Mountain Complex. The surrounding area is kept under a watchful eye by the Southwest Libertarian Front, an extremist political group that wants to create a new libertarian government in the surrounding area. Small bandit groups run rampant, wreaking havoc on any unprotected convoys or those unfortunate enough to travel alone. Irradiated horrors have emerged from the fallen nuclear power plant nearby. A sizeable scrap town in the middle of the desert an oasis for its occupants, and those who can make it there. The scrap town known as Craterview had fallen during the winter of 2056, a new scrap town arose soon after known as Cliffgaurd. This town is operated and run by the CDF, which until recently had little to no foothold on the soon to be valuable land of Lake Mead Valley.
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