As the world moves on in the wasteland of Lake Meade, Arizona - people are having to move on as well.

There has been a notice in the disappearances of several people around the community. While people disappearing is nothing new, they seem to be disappearing in surprising quantities. Some people are stirring up old folk tales stating there is a new form of mutant that comes in whilst you are sleeping and snatches you up - this is mainly to scare the children to behave and act more mature. Other people say that it's gang members organizing robberies in the town - possibly an inside job. Others think nothing of it and sweep it under the rug and call it a coincidence. There doesn't appear to be a specific type of target or person to go missing, anyone is subject to disappearance no matter who they are, all people know is that if someone is leaving - there's a good chance they may not return.

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