This page is about the decade-old nuclear winter after the bombs hit in Pearl City, Outer Banks and Rockport. Following the firestorms, the soot and the ash rised up into the lower stratosphere, and getting heated, rising up once again. The skies became overcast, and frost came every month of the decade.

The nuclear winter began in 2034 as a result of The Flash, and lasts thoughout ATF:DW. In ATF: Deep Winter, people are forced underground into the sewers in order to survive. The surface is toxic and a gas mask is required if anyone wants to go to the surface. The winter also caused most crops to stop growing, meaning that supplies were rare to many people.

Apparently, the nuclear winter ended in 2054. However, this means that South Carolina was less effected than other areas, as people are shown living on the surface despite the game being set in 2047. In ATF2, there is little to no evidence showing that the nuclear winter is affecting Osaka or Japan.

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