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Disclaimer: The event of ATF: Mirage had ended and the page is outdated. Please rely on the Flashstorm discord for lore and rules.

After The Flash Mirage: Onslaught

====This is a story event taking place between and after June 20th, 2056. ​​​​​​The end date is TBA.

Very little is known about this event, and only one event has occoured within it.

Date 6/20/56 Onslaught Pre-Louge "After the sun had set and the rain clouds rolled in, many people witnessed a single flare fire into the night sky. For the citizens of Craterview, more followed as a large commotion could be heard from below the cliff. As quickly as the commotion began, it ended as another flare could be seen firing into the sky. As the sun rose and the rain cleared, the people Craterview found their supply stores below them had been horribly ransacked during the night. Most of the food, water, and other essentials had been taken with only whatever the thieves couldn't carry remaining. Most of the building supplies had also been untouched. The men that made off with their supplies were also nowhere to be found. They clearly fled on foot however, hinting to many that they were a local group from the Lake Mead region, and were able to quickly transport the stolen supplies somewhere hidden." -Description written on Flashstorm's ATF-7-Story page.

Only a day after Craterview suffered a raid of it's supplies, a man appeared in the center of town and began a speech, heavily criticizing the Mayor, along with the SLF and their Watchmen. He began by calling out the mayor's incompetence, and insisting a man who governs should not sit above and ignore those under his control. He transitioned to the SLF, accusing them of keeping Craterview reliant on them. He said if they were truly libertarian they'd make efforts to ensure the town could support itself in security and economy. During this, a handful SLF began to escort the mayor out of town in the midst of the speech. The townsfolk bearing witness to it all, only adding to their discontent.

The night after the mayor left, the quiet evening was interrupted by the sound of an overhead explosion. The watchmen on duty quickly sprang to action, but only to discover it was a propaganda bomb.Paper leaflets that rained into the town attacked the SLF's recent inaction during recent events and repeated the same case that was made the day the mayor left - that if the SLF's claim to be libertarian heavily contradicted them forcing the town to rely on them, and that it was more in line with a criminal organization.

The SLF in the town and any curious onlookers spotted the team that fired the mortar retreating into the badlands, there was no doubt who was responsible.

After a few days spent out of town, the Mayor returned to Craterview escorted by an entourage of armed mercenaries. With no words for the people of Craterview, he was rushed to his tower and has remained there since. Mayor Benson has refused to respond to the recent protests and has left his doors closed to reporters.

The Soon-To-Be-Added Backdrop for the Event