After the Flash Wiki
After the Flash Wiki

Did you know that?

  • ATF players are more likely to get AIDS?

  • That ATF players are usually retarded outside of their tin soldier CRP fetish?

  • That this wiki is fucking useless, and the official wiki was made by a bunch of scared faggots who don't want to be exposed to such chadliness vandalization.

  • 99% of ATF players suffer from some form of Assburgers Syndrome or other related intellectual impairments?

  • The reason why ATF players are extremely toxic is due to their shitty childhood lives and constant beatings from their parents for being a fucking failure at life?

  • ATF players are heavily attracted to furry porn and Changed? (but they are very closeted and don't want to come out about it.)

  • ATF players will get nowhere in life?

  • ATF players spend more money on LEGO guns and gamepasses than a Azur Lane player spending their cash on a very suggestive shipgirl skin?

  • 2-Gear fucking despises ATFers and their retardation? (but they have alot of that in their community too.)

  • Several LPMS have been exposed as child predators?

  • ATFers have shit taste in media and games?

  • ATF became shit after Sandstorm?

  • ATF is the reason why world hunger, cancer, wars, racism and sexism exists.