ATF: Mirage Trailer "Another Mirage"

After The Flash Mirage Trailer - "Another Mirage..."-2
After The Flash Mirage Trailer - "Another Mirage..."-2

ATF: Mirage Trailer "Another Mirage..." is an official trailer video in ChadtheCreator's YouTube channel and in Roblox ATF: Mirage play. 


The trailer starts with a mirage of the pre-flash wastelander's family driving on the road while listening to radio news cover of World War 3 in the Pacific with China. A mother sleeping on the front and a son playing with his electronic pad. Both of them disappears into green dust. Leaving the pre-flash wastelander, the road, and his car until disappears from the mirage.

A post-flash wastelander with a duster, hat, breathing filter mask, shotgun, and his old clothing looks at the occupied Craterview scraptown before the defeat of the Coyotes. He walks forward to Craterview while the screen goes up showing After The Flash title with Mirage word fading in with green.

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