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The 2nd American Civil War, more commonly known as the Atlanta Crisis, began during the summer of 2096. Thousands of MEB and rebellious CDF traveled en-mass and proceeded to launch unexpected offensives, managing to ambush around 60 forts and factories owned by the USCPF and pro-US CDF militia in the states of Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. The attacks were pre-emptive in nature and managed to cripple US supply lines in the regions. The CDF militia, lacking body armor and only being equipped with basic weapons such as shotguns and hunting rifles, were crushed and extinguished with little effort. It wasn’t until a few days later that the US caught wind of the attacks, but even then it was too late, as the rebels had already secured all of the deep south (including the northern half of Georgia). USCPF command sent out an alert to facilities on the border of Arkansas, Georgia, and Oklahoma to prepare for an attack. The US troops in these facilities were surprised when they saw tanks, armored vehicles, and tanned figures with kevlar and robust gear in comparison to theirs. The USCPF in these border facilities either retreated or were slaughtered during the attacks. Since the US was so unprepared, they quickly lost the states of Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Arkansas. In the next few weeks, the MEB reinforced the border, but most importantly they set up a socialist puppet government in the south known as the People’s Republic of Tidewater. US officials in the new PRT territory were executed and imprisoned. The PRT claimed the western fronts of Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, and around half of Colorado. The US government was astonished to see that the PRT had already won over the hearts and minds of citizens in the south. While all of this happened, the PRT and MEB prepared an attack on New Atlanta. The PRT and MEB won the war.

(The rapid indoctrination of PRT citizens probably came about due to an extensive propaganda program put in place by the MEB)

(In note, the Truth behind the Crisis is not known/revealed to the public what it had all happened. All Roleplayers playing in Deep Six in Southside and Northside should know that the character's anti-PRT/MEB views are unlikely in the story until whenever or not the Reds should expose the cover up.)


This entire section details the notable battles that took place during the Civil War.

Battle of New Atlanta

The Battle of New Atlanta was by far the bloodiest battle of the Atlanta Crisis. It all started on the early morning of September 5, 2096. Georgia was the only state in the deep south which hadn’t fallen to the MEB, so the southern CDF militia and USCPF were determined to hold the city and the rest of Georgia. The attack began when MEB artillery bombarded US front lines, decimating a portion of the scrap outer city. Although US artillery was firing back, the northerners were forced to fall back deeper into the city. PRT and MEB forces marched through the ruined portion of New Atlanta. They struck the US defenses hard and fast with tanks and ground troops, killing many defenders. The US forces were eventually pushed back into downtown New Atlanta, which was where the most horrifying and bloody fighting happened. Artillery from both sides rained down on the city, causing concrete buildings to collapse. Smoke and debris covered the streets, making vision extremely limited. Due to the vision problems, all of the combat that happened was close-quarters, almost medieval in nature. Troops fought inside the husks of dilapidated buildings. bringing supplies into the fight was too costly and dangerous, so ammunition was limited. Soldiers fought with knives, shovels, axes, and even chunks of concrete found on the ground. After two months the northerners pulled out of New Atlanta, and were completely chased out of Georgia. The PRT now controlled the whole deep south and the largest city in North America. Casualties were high on both sides, but the citizens of New Atlanta were given the worst end of the deal. Most of the outer parts of the city made of scrap metal had been literally flattened by artillery, as well as the concrete inner circle. The PRT and MEB won, but however, at a high cost of life and property.

PRT Offensive of 2097

The puppet government of the PRT used propaganda to tell citizens that the Atlanta Crisis was a failed US attempt to secure the south of it’s own imperialistic agenda, and that the US was corrupt and unjust. The MEB told gullible citizens that unless they fought the north, they would be killed when the US invaded and took back the south. This triggered rage among citizens, and PRT military numbers boosted greatly, mostly of enlists who wanted to protect their families from “the coming onslaught”. This resulted in the offensive of 2097. In late January and early February, the PRT invaded the US states of Tennessee and South Carolina.  The inexperienced PRT troops hit the US lines hard and fast, allowing them to gain a large amount of land in the states, but the attack lost steam very quickly and ended in March. PRT casualties were high as their tactics were inadequate and their training was rushed, but they were able to gain large portions of land because of MEB support. The largest battle during the push was the Battle of Hanover. The PRT and MEB won the battle.

The Battle of Hanover

Hanover is a rather large post-war city in the US state of South Carolina. This made it a highly strategic target for the PRT during their 2097 push north, as controlling the city would bring economic gain to the nation, and they would essentially gain all of South Carolina after a victory there. In February of 2097, PRT and MEB forces launched a massive assault of the city, using tanks, artillery, and other armored vehicles. The US forces in the area fought hard but were outnumbered by the massive numbers of paranoid and enraged PRT soldiers supported by the MEB. The US forces were able to hold the city for 5 weeks until it eventually fell to the southern invaders. The PRT and MEB won the battle.

PRT Invasion of Missouri

At this point, the Atlanta Crisis was now known as the Second American Civil War. In the fall of 2097, PRT forces were finally adequately trained and equipped. MEB and PRT high command prepared for another invasion of the US, but this time it would be more organized and planned. In October 2097, PRT and MEB forces marched across the southern and western border of the US state of Missouri, aiming to take Kansas City and St. Louis. At first, the attack was successful, as the attackers coming in from the south had surprised US forces and gained a large portion of land. This all changed when the western attackers reached Kansas City, which resulted in the second bloodiest battle of the Atlanta Crisis. The USA won the battle.

Battle for Kansas City

On October 28, 2097, PRT coalition forces attacked Kansas City, Missouri, a city with a population of 600,000, one of the largest in the US. Unlike New Atlanta, KC was in the heartland of the Midwestern United States. After seeing the loss in New Atlanta, the defenders of the city were determined to hold their ground. Citizens were rushed out of the city before the battle started. Like most battles, the attack began with artillery. Shells rained down on the outer limits of Kansas City, but this time, the US troops were prepared. The outer limits had already been abandoned  to prevent the defenders from being killed by artillery. Instead, the front line had been set up deeper into the city, closer to downtown. The PRT forces charged into the city, expecting the US lines to be decimated by artillery, but were instead greeted by a hail of gunfire from the full force of the US 3rd Missouri army. The PRT forces dug trenches in the outer limits of the city after losing a large portion of their fighting force in the initial charge. Vicious trench warfare continued in the city for around 2 months until the US forces were eventually able to retake the whole city and the land lost during the initial invasion of Missouri. After the loss, the PRT never stepped foot in Missouri again. The USA won the battle.

US offensive of 2098

The Battle of Kansas City was the first major US victory of the war, causing morale to be restored in US citizens and soldiers alike. In late 2097 the US prepared for a massive push south, aiming to take back South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Capturing Georgia would result in a massive blow to the PRT’s war effort, as the state was the second most economically important region (just behind Florida) in the PRT. In early 2098 the offensive began, with waves upon waves of US soldiers and tanks pushing across the PRT frontlines in South Carolina and Tennessee. The fighting was slow and brutal, but the US forces were able to make use of chemical weapons and a superior naval and air force to make large pushes south. The US was miraculously able to take back all of South Carolina, half of Tennessee, half of Georgia, and a small portion of Alabama. The largest battle during the 2098 offensive was the Battle of Atlanta. The push officially ended in September 2098 shortly after the Battle of Atlanta. Even though the US had gained back portions of land, they weren’t able to push deeper due to increased MEB support of the PRT. The USA won the offensive.

The Battle of Atlanta

The Battle of Atlanta occurred during the US Offensive of 2098. During the flash, Atlanta was one of the hardest hit cities in the south. Over the years, the city was rebuilt with a large CDF presence. It grew into one of the metropolitan centers of Georgia, but was constantly overshadowed by it’s larger post-war version, New Atlanta. The city had a more humble population of 300,000 until it was taken during the initial crisis in 2096, not even in the PRT Offensive of 2097. It was left relatively untouched until US forces launched an epic and swift liberation of the city in December of 2098. The attack was unexpected, as the PRT coalition expected the US to be foolish and attack New Atlanta instead. This would be the deadly mistake that reinstated the US foothold in the heart of the deep south and in the heart of the PRT. The attack all started in the early afternoon, when sentries were astonished to see a squad of UR-22s and bombers speeding towards their defenses. The frontal defenses were almost completely wiped out in an aerial ambush, followed by ground troops and armor storming the city and taking it in under 2 weeks. The USA won the Battle.

The Fall of Rockport

Throughout the 2nd American Civil War, Rockport, Florida had remained the last USCPF holdout in the heartland of the PRT. Rockport had been a booming city before the flash and in the post-war it was the pinnacle of the CDF-USCPF alliance. The USCPF and CDF worked together throughout the years to rebuild the city into a post-war utopia, but this abruptly ended in 2096 in the early Crisis when MEB and CDF troops surprise attacked the USCPF territory in the city. The USCPF had large amounts of firepower and troops in the area. The initial battle raged on for around two weeks until the US forces were actually able to beat down the PRT coalition with their rail-guns and massive amounts of supplies kept in the area. Multiple other offensives happened, but the stubborn defenders of the city managed to hold on. In late 2096 the siege of Rockport began, which basically involved the PRT and MEB forces attempting to strangle the holdout of supplies until it eventually surrendered. The US had large amounts of farms and metal refineries within their territory, so it was obviously going to take a very long time; much longer than the PRT expected. For years, Rockport was essentially a self-sustaining city state, providing itself and it’s citizens with supplies and protection. In 2103, long after the original war had cooled down, the US deemed Rockport useless in terms of strategy. The US forces there, after 7 years of holding on, were ordered to scuttle the railguns there, take any supplies and vehicles they could, and retreat north. The evacuation was successful, but soon after, the PRT forces secured the city. The PRT and MEB won the war.

After the War

The Atlanta Crisis marked the beginning of the bloody 2nd American Civil War, which drags on to this day and is currently in its 19th year. The tide of the war finally turned in favor of the US after the decisive victory in Kansas City. Around half of the land lost was taken back, but it soon slowed back down to a stalemate in 2099. High amounts of death and destruction happened on both sides, especially in the southern states where a highly contested border between the US and the PRT remains. Although it appeared that nothing had been gained out of the Crisis, Brazil had re-secured its place on top of the world and successfully divided the states only to reap the benefits.

Sometime in July 2115, The Reds storm the Southside radio announcer's room, aiming a gun at the announcer. The announcer admits to reading a script formed by the MEB. Jack Camacho takes over the radio, telling Southside citizens that they've been lied to by the MEB, and that the PRT is a puppet government. He also says that the MEB staged the Atlanta Crisis as a staging point for an invasion of the United States. He tells the citizens to leave by that night because there would be much fighting between the Reds and the MEB. Riots ensue after this. Months after the riot of Southside and the battle of Halfmoon Region, the PRT was fully defeated by the US army, British Expedition Forces (the RCO), DEcorps, and the Reds. Brazil pulled from the North and began to take a fight with the UEBC and US navy in the Gulf of Mexico. Part of PRT territories has a part of Mexico after the 2nd Civil War, it was now occupied by the US. During the 2120's, the US-Brazil war was over and Captain Victor was promoted to General of the MEB and the Reds was soon disbanded. The West CDF and other threats such as Sandsharks and dangerous criminal factions were eliminated by the USCPF.


The Casualties were only before 2115 and thus no details or info in the aftermath of the war.

There were a total of 953,300 deaths and 876,100 injuries during the 2nd Civil War. For the USA, 300,312 soldiers died and 340,211 got injured. For the USA's enemies, Brazil and Tidewater, there were a total of 583,000 deaths and 435,600 injuries. 240,000 Civilians died while 100,000 of them got injured.

When referring to the USA Military divisions that were involved in the Civil War, 250,000 USA Army Soldiers died, while 240,000 were injured. For the USA Marine Corps, there were 50,000 deaths and 100,000 injured soldiers. When it comes to USA Special Forces, there were a rather few deaths and injuries compared to the USA Army and Marine Corps. 312 Died and 211 got injured.

For Tidewater's divisions, the Tidewaterese Army had 400,000 deaths and 420,000 injuries while it's special forces had 3,000 deaths and 3,600 injuries.

Brazil's Maior Exército Brasileiro Force had 90,000 deaths and 12,000 injuries.


  • The US Special Forces are a highly capable force and experienced less casualties due to their extensive training

  • The Brazilian casualties are lower because infantry provided a support role and were normally encountered with armoured vehicles.

  • Marine Corps are higher, due to their presence in Rockport and Miami harbors at the time of the battle

  • PRT saw less casualties, due to the armored infantry brought in and the extra troop brigade