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The 29th Infantry Division was originally an element of the Georgia National Guard until the Atlanta Crisis occurred. During the early months of the war, the 29th, made up of thousands of volunteers, was a key element in the fighting over Georgia and Tennessee. These days, the 29th is stationed in Northern Georgia, ready to defend the United States of America at a minute’s notice. The officers in the division are grizzled, as many of them fought in the horrific Battle of New Atlanta. Someent action that the 29th Infantry Division has witnessed include the artillery exchange on June 21st, the July 4th bombing of Southside, as well as the sinking of the USS Winfall.


The 29th Infantry Division was originally apart of the United States Army, operating out of Fort Belvoir in Virginia. Much like its post-flash successor, it was a formation of the National Guard. Formed in 1917, it saw action in the Western Front during the First World War. Continuing to serve the United States since then, the 116th Infantry Regiment was among the first wave of troops ashore on Omaha Beach during Operation Overlord. The rest of the 29th played a vital role in the fighting over Normandy's bocage territory and onwards to liberate the entirety of France from Nazi occupation. The 29th Infantry Division quickly became one of America's most famous units due to its actions at the bloody shores of Omaha and the blood-soaked hedgerows of the French bocage. Men such as the Bedford Boys became legendary symbols of the 29th Infantry Division and the American spirit as a whole.

After the Second World War, the division was frequently reorganized and deactivated on several occasions. The 29th Infantry Division didn't see much combat following the Second World War for around fifty years, but they did participate in training exercises worldwide. The unit eventually saw combat when they were deployed to Bosnia and Kosovo to assist in NATO-led peacekeeping operations. The 29th Infantry Division also deployed to Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and later on to the War in Afghanistan as part of the Global War on Terrorism's Operation Enduring Freedom. The unit was also deployed to the Iraq War, as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn. Based out of Fort Belvoir, one of the United States' most important military installations, it served as an important part of the American military. It most likely saw combat in the heavy fighting of the Third World War, before being dissolved when the flash occurred.


  • According to genral, the entire United States Civilization Preservation Force's Army presence in Georgia is comprised of the 29th Infantry Division.
  • The only army unit stationed in Fort Shad is the 1st Battalion, 116th Regiment along with its LSB counterparts. All USCPF army characters in Deep Six are comprised of personnel from the 29th Infantry Division, with no exceptions.
  • The unit stationed at Fort Shad is the same unit that was in the first wave of the bloody assault on Omaha Beach
  • The 1st Battalion, 116th Regiment, operates alongside the 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, who reside on the Northside military island.