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This was during the April Fools joke of 2017. 

The Joke Itself

Most folks believe that the Atlanta Crisis was what it seemed to be. However, not everyone did. Few people - the legendary Reds - claimed to know the truth. In the end, they were wrong as well.

The truth of the Atlanta Crisis was far too secret and hidden for anyone to know. The horrifying truth starts on October 9, 2095. A secret Canadian government had been hiding within the snowy and hostile lands of northern Canada since the flash occurred in 2032. On this exact date, the Canadian government swung back into action, sweeping across their former territory. In a matter of weeks a new Canada was installed through the sheer numbers and technology that the New Canadian Liberation Front wielded.

In January of 2096, Canada secretly took over Brazil and installed a puppet government there. The Canadians began planning for a total takeover of the North and South American continents. Now controlling Brazil, they were able to launch a coup in the summer of 2096 in the southern United States. The Brazilian puppets set up a puppet state of their own after taking ⅓ of the states, known as the People’s Republic of Tidewater. The Canadian Emperor ordered the MEB to create a lie that Brazil caused the crisis in order to throw the Reds off.

Now, in 2115, Canada has restarted the war between the weakened US and the PRT, waiting for the right moment to pounce.

On July 10, 2115, the MEB puppet forces launched an offensive in the south while the Canadian forces launched an offensive in the north. There was a mass genocide, with most of the conquered lands’ populations being either slaughtered by Canadian automatic railguns or the death camps Canada set up.

In August, the Canadians had finally conquered both North and South America and became the most powerful nation in history.

The story is not over, however. A portion of the USCPF, Reds, and CDF, led by Jack Camacho, were able to escape on multiple space rockets that took them to the pre-flash US mars base known as D1L-D0. The advanced base had hundreds of space nukes ready to launch. Over the years, the survivors on D1L-D0 rebuilt their forces and prepared for a counterattack on the Canadian Empire making use of the technology on Mars and the space nukes. If they should be successful, democracy will be restored in the Americas. Should they fail, the Canadian onslaught will continue, and those who know the truth will have died.

This is where ATF7 begins.