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The City of Chatham

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(Before 2032)


(After 2032)

Chatham is an actual real place in New Brunswick, Canada. It is located at the mouth of the Miramichi River and is near a former military base, retired in 1997. The town has a population of roughly 18,000 people. During the war, the military revitalized the military base at Chatham, and it was used throughout the war before 2032. It was considered a high value target to the ACMF, but due to a stroke of luck, the 400 kt nuclear warhead was shot down by an experimental Anti-ICBM Railgun stationed there. By the time it was shot down, however, almost all of the ill-prepared residents left the city, all that remained were the few that did prepare, and those that knew about the secret defence.

Immediately after the war, the remnants of Chatham that stayed and prepared for the disaster created a stronghold based in the center of town. Once word got around that there a safe haven at Chatham, outsiders flocked to it in the hundreds. Chatham was nearly overrun, but thanks to tactics of intimidation, the use of an immigration lottery (500) and the use of deadly force, they were able to hold off the initial wave of outsiders. After about two months ATF, activity subsided dramatically, it was at about this time that the Canadian Military and Government evacuated to Chatham, and took residence in the military base and in the city itself. The City was put under a constant state of Marshal Law, and the standard currency transitioned to Ration Dollars (RDs, or Dollars), which is based on a food standard of 1 RD = 1 slice of Bread or 1 cup of water. The arrival of the government and military was seen as a positive and a negative, more mouths to feed, but better defence. Our story takes place in 2035, three years post flash. A massive cultural and economical divide has been made between the haves and have nots, and tensions are rising between the CCC and CONWAY/CCPF.


(Officially Recognized)

CCPF / Canadian Civilian Preservation Force

Established 2 months ATF (approx. 500 personnel)

The CCPF are very similar to their southern counterparts, the USCPF, however they are very lacking in numbers. . The CCPF have nearly identical goals to that of USCPF, and that's to restore Canada to the Pre-war way of life. Most of the early CCPF (The ones in-game) were made up of former Police and Mounties. The CCPF are nearly isolated, and struggle to even maintain enough supplies to support themselves. They are in charge of guarding the Power Plant from raiders and Mutants. The CCPF implements a mandatory supplies tax averaging 5 RDs a week in order to remain a resident of Chatham, but is extremely higher for the wealthy.

CCC / Chatham's Citizen Coalition

Established 1 year ATF (approx. 1000 members)

The CCC is a loosely identified group consisting of usually the worst off citizens, and residents of Bunker Town, but have been known to sympathize with outsiders. The most agreed opinion is that members of CONRAD/CCPF are greedy and tyrannical. One of their main goals is to establish a communist state, and redistribute the wealth of the upper class. They have been known to start riots, and engage in violence against police, but due to the Military's crackdown on this regime, they have been forced underground (Literally), and conduct rebellious acts in secret. They are seen by many to be terrorists and troublemakers, but by just as many as heroes and revolutionaries.

CONWAY / Citizens of the New World Association

Established 3 days ATF (approx. 150 members)

This is the oldest faction in the game, and is primarily made up of Preppers from before the war, business owners, and their children. This group values democracy, and is against the Military dominated Marshal-Law system. They are much better off than the citizens of Bunker Town, and almost predominantly own the surface of Chatham. They have a near monopoly on food production, and grow crops in basements, and therefore hold a lot of influence. They mostly feel that letting in non original members into Chatham has only caused problems.

Outsiders/ Bridge Town Citizens, Mutants, and Raiders

Established 1 month ATF (unknown population)

A derogatory name given to anyone who resides outside of Chatham. Outsiders are almost always very poor, and have no means of acquiring electricity other than batteries. Outsiders are usually prone to more harmful doses of radiation, and many of them become mutated. Outsiders, Bridge Town citizens especially, raid the Power Plant in order to divert electricity to their town, and away from Chatham, which they are jealous of.


Chatham / Town

Established before The Flash

Chatham is the main hub of Eastern Canada, and many believe it to be the last light left in the world. Chatham is split into two distinct districts.

Upper Chatham / Middle to Upper class residency (CONWAY)

Established before The Flash

Upper Chatham is where most influential citizens reside. It is surrounded by a wall made from various materials to keep out the 10 feet of snow outside. Along the center of the street stand massive heaters, that keep the interior of the city at a liveable 55 F (12.7 C)

Bunker Town (Lower Chatham) / Lower Class Residency (CCC)

Established 5 months ATF

Chathams extensive storm drainage system was converted into a residential area, since space is limited on the surface. The lower levels are full of black market activity, drug use, and gambling. The poor people of Bunker Town are willing to do anything they can for a quick buck, and their life depends on it, since expulsion is inevitable if taxes aren’t paid. The underground complex is significantly colder than on the surface (12 F, -11 C), so fires are set to keep warm, but due to lack of ventilation, fire without pipes to the surface are illegal.

CFB Chatham / Canadian Forces Base in Chatham (CCPF)

Established before The Flash

CFB Chatham was a military base utilized by the Canadian Military for operations over the North Atlantic. At the time of the flash, an experimental ICBM protection system was deployed there, and it was utilized to save Chatham from utter annihilation. CFB Chatham holds a decent amount of supplies for the Military, including food, weapons, ammunition, and freshwater. The base is VERY heavily guarded, and trespassers are shot on sight. Only authorized personnel may enter. The base holds a handful of fighters, a few supply jets, and some other miscellaneous commercial airliners.

Bridge Town / Town (Outsiders)

Established 1 year ATF

Bridge Town, as the name suggests, occupies the bridge over the Miramichi river. This town is home to only the toughest survivors, and they make their living scavenging for whatever they can find. They are in direct conflict with Chatham over their energy source, the Power Plant, and conduct raids against them (Causing Power Outages), although no attempt has succeeded.

Power Plant/Utility (CCPF)

Established 1 year ATF

The Power Plant is one of the most contested places along the Miramichi river, it's able to supply power to any place along it. It is also heavily guarded by the CCPF. It is prone to power outages either caused by raids by outsiders or mechanical malfunctions.